4 Common Mistakes That Iphone Users Often Make!


iPhone started as a basic smartphone years ago, and took up to being the hot favourite of millions of users! But too simple couldn’t rein the smartphone industry for long, right? Then thanks to the constant research and software upgrades in the Apple town, iPhone evolved as one of the most complex devices and a truly incredible smartphone. Though this factor definitely increased the love and obsession for the device, if left most of the users partially unaware of exactly the best way to use the same!

Call it ignorance or laziness or lack of research, but most Apple users don’t understand their own smartphone properly enough, and that is why tend to make various mistakes when using it. This obviously leads to either their iPhone getting disabled frequently, their private data getting lost somewhere in the iCloud – all of which need frequent visits to the Apple service centre. This may result in the phone getting severely damaged and may even need a replacement way before time!

Frequent mistakes that you tend to make while using your iPhone!

We aren’t saying that you make all of the above mistakes while using iPhones, but different users tend to fall prey to different mistakes, which ultimately leads to a common factor — your iPhone getting damaged or totally shut! And then you have to repair it from a good iPhone and iPad repair service in Christchurch like iCell. They are the most reliable and experienced service providers for iPhone, even guaranteeing their services for you after you repair your phone from them. To know in detail which of your mistakes is causing you problems with your device, read on:

Not using the original Apple charger—Whether you have just lost your original charger or damaged it, but when you go out in the market to buy one, you’ll see tens of thousands of such chargers resembling the original one. But those are corrupted ones in reality. But you may get tempted by the low price and easy availability and start using it. Even the charger works absolutely fine in the initial days. But gradually, you’ll feel your iPhone getting heated when charging for a long time, and even your charger inserting pin gets loose, and you have to press it hard to insert the pin in the device. This ultimately leads to breaking of it and your phone may even explode due to overheating. Therefore, be wise and never fall into temptations, and always go for the original charger.

Not using a mobile case — A mobile case is a protective shield you can provide for your device. If you aren’t using it, then your iPhone may get prone to damage to fall or other issues. But again, go for the cases that are especially made for the iPhone rather than others for better convenience and safety.

Changing your password too often—Though there’s nothing wrong in doing so as long as you remember your recent password correctly or jot it down somewhere. But if you don’t, you’ll keep on trying to open the device with the wrong ones and ultimately the iPhone gets disabled for hours and even days. Result — you have to visit the Apple service centre to unlock it through the computer systems (which is a hassle in itself). We’d recommend to use a password that’s extremely secure and confidential — and don’t share it with anyone else.

Repairing your iPhone at a local store — Your iPhone doesn’t come at the price of peanuts, neither would its service be! So, when you know this fact well, and you even understand that its parts and repairing accessories are expensive too, then why take any risk! Even the education of it is gained by a good training through a certified trainer. So how can you expect your iPhone to be repaired by someone who claims to have the knowledge of repairing it and doesn’t even charge you appropriately for the specialised services? Either the repairer would be an amateur or not certified for repairing the Apple devices or even a fraud. If you fall prey to such repairers, they can even mishandle your device, change its accessories to duplicate ones and even damage your phone. Always hand your phone for repair to the Apple service centre or a reliable certified repairer.

We know you are obsessed with your iPhone, but making the above mistakes and even other silly mistakes like not backing up your iPhone properly, installing too many applications, etc. can cause your phone more damage than you can imagine. And this would ultimately break your heart too! Better avoid these mistakes in the long run and use your iPhone happily ever after!

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