5 Handy Tips To Prepare For A Home Inspection

Prepare Your Home For An Inspection.

  • Prepare yourself for the early arrival of your home inspector.
  • Unlock the exterior gates and remove any animals from the exterior.
  • Make sure your inspector can easily access each room.
  • Access all panels.
  • Please provide all documentation and records of home service.

A home inspection is a crucial element of any home purchase. Most buyers make their purchase offer contingent on the results of a home inspection, so they can decide not to buy if the inspection reveals significant structural problems. Even worse, bad inspection results can force you to drop the selling price, losing thousands of dollars.

Five tips to prepare your home for an inspector will help you get the best results from your home inspection.

1. Prepare yourself for the arrival of your inspector up to 30 minutes before the scheduled inspection time.

Our inspectors have a wealth of experience and are meticulous in their work. They will need to do a few things before the inspection, such as set up the reporting software, take photos of the exterior, and look at the home’s layout to see what they will need. Make sure to take care of your home’s exterior the day before the scheduled inspection.

2. Clean up the exterior after cleaning animals.

Make sure your house looks great and that it is well presented. You are showing off your home. Unlocking these gates and cleaning up your yard will help your home have a better inspection.

3. Do not block the room with boxes.

We get it. It’s difficult to avoid stacking boxes in every available space. Avoid filling a garage or room with items. You should allow the inspector to access the rooms and closets. The easier your inspection will go, the more places we can inspect and see without any problems.

4. All access panels open.

There are many access panels in homes, including those for the attic or crawlspace, as well as closets that house bathroom plumbing, access to water heaters, and panels to access plumbing. State law states that if a nail is in the panel and if it has more than four screws, the panel is inaccessible. Check these areas to remove any nails in the panels.

5. Where are the receipts for my purchases?

Before they invest, your prospective buyers will want to know everything about the house. You must fill out the disclosure sheet completely and honestly. It is important to give your inspector all the information about the house, from when you bought it up until now. Gather any documentation from any repairs or problems you may have had. You can then try to fix any issues before the home inspector in northeast colorado.

If you are buying or selling a home, the inspection should be in your favor and not against you. Schedule your inspection today and set your home up for success.

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