5 Reasons Wood Hangers Are Superior to Plastic and Wire

One of the most surefire ways of enhancing the aesthetics of your at-home closet or in-store display is with custom wooden hangers.

Custom wooden hangers provide quality garment support you won’t find in traditional hangers. In addition, they don’t need to be replaced as often as wire or plastic hangers, which tend to snap when holding heavier garments.

Need more reasons why wooden hangers are the right choice? Here’s a list of 5 ways wooden hangers are superior to both their plastic and wire counterparts.

1) Wooden Hangers Are Used By the Professionals

High-end wooden hanger manufacturers have options for men’s suits, coats, shirts and women’s coats, suits, and skirts. No matter the garment in your closet, there’s a unique hanger solution to support it. The fact is that wooden hangers look much more professional, and they’ll keep your clothes in much better shape.

Metal wire hangers can tear linen, cotton, and lighter fabrics; plastic hangers feel cheap and can break on you over time.

That’s why storage professionals, fashion brands, and garment specialists all trust wooden hangers for storing their wardrobe items.

2) Wooden Hangers are Sturdy

When’s the last time you’ve heard of a wooden hanger breaking or snapping in two? It doesn’t happen a lot!

Unlike plastic hangers that can break or warp over time, wooden hangers can easily support a full suit for the life of the garment.

This is largely due to the fact that wooden hangers are made from one piece of wood; usually high-grade materials such as Beech wood. A standard feature on all wooden hangers is wide shoulder straps, meaning clothes won’t slip off or get damaged while they lie dormant in the back of a closet.

What’s more, wooden hangers have a spot to hang your slacks below your suit coat, meaning less wrinkling or warping of fabric.

3) Wooden Hangers are Customizable

Wooden suit and shirt hangers usually come in at least two sizes to accomodate different sized items. You’ll typically find an 16.5-inch wide option and a 18-inch wide hanger option to accomodate suit or shirt sizes under 43 and above 43, respectively. Wooden hanger manufacturers make both.

The average suit size tends to be around 40, so if you’re a 38 or 40 suit size you would probably want a 16.5-inch wooden hanger to give your suits the support they need. It makes sense that a larger suit with wider shoulders would require a larger 18-inch hanger.

If your suit size doesn’t fall in to either of these categories, the customizability of wooden hangers means you can order, say, a suit hanger to fit your actual garment size and have the shoulders be perfectly supported.

Your suits, bespoke shirts, and blazers deserve to be supported. Think of wooden hangers as a way of nurturing an investment that you’ve already made in these tailor-made pieces.

4) Wooden Hangers Are Ideal for Retail

The need for hangers with maximum support and a touch of class is incredibly important for retail store owners who display clothing.

Wooden hangers simply look better than plastic or wire hangers, keeping your merchandise looking its best.

Curb appeal is so important to attracting customers, and if they are greeted by clothes sagging on cheap hangers, all mismatched and inferior-looking, they’ll move on to another retailer. Don’t let this be you! Invest up front to give your store displays a classy look, all while keeping your garments in perfect shape.

5) Wooden Hangers Prevent Wrinkles

One way wooden hangers protect your investment is by preventing shirts from stretching and wrinkling around the collar, which can happen with cheap plastic hangers.

Wire hangers have similar issues in that slacks or suit pants can become wrinkled as the wire hanger sags over time. You’ll wind up with wrinkles at points where the slacks or pants were folded over the wire hanger, creating more work and a less-desirable piece of clothing.

Wooden hanger manufacturers craft protects that are designed to keep your clothes from stretching or wrinkling by providing strong, smooth frames to hold clothes firmly in place.

Trust The Best Wooden Hanger Manufacturer For Your Garments
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