Try Non-traditional ideas for effective promotional campaigning to boost your brand value

When it comes to re-branding yourself, you may have to come up with innovative ideas, to have any meaningful impact. Sure, you can always go in for large print ads and count on the same to deliver the customers. But the fact is that nearly every company that can afford to take the traditional route of large newspaper ads would have already placed a few orders. So you may need to think “out of the box” and come up with a few non-traditional ideas for a better promotional campaign and in order to boost your brand value.

Baseball caps: This is an excellent idea, one that would allow you to develop a few thousand baseball caps, with a beautiful design along with your company logo, emblazoned on top of the cap. Now, all you have to do is to hand out these caps at any of the baseball matches, and you should be able to connect with a lot of prospective customers, as a result.

Promotional mugs: you can also opt to hand out well designed promotional mugs. The public always appreciates free gifts and let’s face it; the chances are that they would use the mug often. And each time they use it, they are bound to come across your company logo. It is an effective way to rebrand yourself and in the process, reach out to more prospective customers as well.

Bags: People always need bags; the more durable and stronger the bag, the more they would learn to appreciate the same. So you may want to get a few well designed bags and customize the same with your company logo as well. And as long as the bag is multi-functional, it would definitely be appreciated. This is yet another effective way to reach out to more prospective customers.

Branded notebooks: Nearly everyone has a use for a notebook or two; therefore it makes sense to target your key demographics with a few branded notebooks. You can get them printed explicitly with the pages watermarked with your company logo so that the user gets to see the same, as he uses the book. You can then hand them out among your key target demographics, and it is more likely that you would see an increase in traffic as well as an exponential increase in your customer base as well.

Watches: When it comes to handing out non traditional promotional items, you may want to consider watches. You can opt for the economy model and order a few watches with your company logo to the side. The only criteria are that you choose a good, durable model for your gift, which you can then hand it among your prospective customers. Just make sure that the watch is durable and works seamlessly since no one appreciates a gift that immediately breaks down. And everyone uses a watch, so your ‘gift’ would indeed be appreciated and would make for an excellent re-branding strategy.

Pens: Granted that this particular promotional item seems less of a non-traditional gift since quite a few companies have started to hand out the same. It is one of the least expensive promotional items that you can opt for and what’s more, you can market this merchandise in hundreds of thousands, and reach out to more prospective customers. Given this, it is no wonder that pens are also one of the most effective methods by which companies can rebrand themselves. Just place an order for a certain number of well-designed pens along with your logo along its body. And as users use the pen to write, they are bound to check out your logo. This promotional item should help you in getting the word out, as well as more publicity as well.

These are some of the non-traditional ways by which you can reach out to more prospective customers, and with these tips, you should soon be able to boost your business  as well.


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