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Whenever we think about drones, the first thing that comes to our mind is an object that is used by the military men for spying on their enemies. Drones are called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and can be flown quite above the ground just with the help of a remote controller. It is true that due to this particular characteristic, drones were used in the army to extract information on enemy base camp as soldiers couldn’t be there in person. But over time things have changed.

Drones, due to its ability to capture images and footage from high above the ground; have made its place into various other fields as well. Apart from military, drones are used in filmmaking, insurance, construction and agricultural sector as well. If you are really intrigued by this object then it is advisable to do some research work before purchasing a DJI drone. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is one of the biggest drones and DJI distributors in Australia. They aim at offering high quality products and best customer service for stores all across the country.

Features of DJI Phantom

There are a large variety of drones available in the market. Each one of them specializes in something, or has a special feature. So, you should be clear on what is the main purpose behind buying the drone before you decide on the model. After purchasing, you need to go out on an empty field or park and start slow. Learn about all the features of the drone and all the rules and laws associated with it before making it fly. There is a myth that anyone and everyone can fly a drone without any prior experience but this is not the case. However, practice will make everything perfect, like always. Here are a few features of DJI Phantom:

  • Obstacle avoidance: In drones, this feature is extremely important as otherwise your drone will bump into an object at full speed and crash. DJI Phantom has an obstacle avoidance system that is multi-directional. It consists of four stereo-vision sensors of high resolution among which two are placed at the rear and two are placed at the front. It also consists of infra-red sensors on both left and right hand sides of the drone. All these sensors provide obstacle sensing in five directions and obstacle avoidance in four directions. This simply means that you don’t have to think about accidentally crashing your drone into a house or a tree. Total flight autonomy is available in DJI Phantom and you can relax by ensuring yourself that at the end of the flight, your drone will come back to you in one whole piece. They have an extremely magnificent ability to make its way out of congestion and handle itself gracefully in packed spaces. This reduces pressure on the controller to a great extent and even an amateur will feel like a pro flying a DJI Phantom!
  • Video transmission: DJI Phantom also comes with the new feature of Lightbridge high-definition video transmission system that allows long range communication between the controller on the ground and the drone. The transmission range provided by the drone is about 4.3 mile or 7 km for video footage live-streaming which you will be able to see on the built-in video screen of the controller. One of the reasons behind this long range video transmission system is the fact that this system can work with dual transmission frequencies in order to provide better resistance from other external sources. DJI Phantom can thus switch from 5.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz and this feature offers crystal clear video streaming with each and every flight.
  • Flight times: The only major wish of every drone enthusiast is for the drones to have a longer flight time. The ability to stay up into the air for a longer time before recharging ensures better footage and photography. This wish can be fulfilled if you own a DJI Phantom. They have a 30 minutes flight time which means that with every charging of the batteries, these drones will stay in the air for a whole 30 minutes.

These are the few basic features of DJI Phantom. It is absolutely crucial to learn about the features and read online reviews before purchasing a drone; especially if you are an amateur. This will prevent any sort of disappointment that might accompany otherwise.


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