7 Signs You Need Gutter Repairs


Gutters are our saviors during heavy rain. But they can be our worst enemy when not maintained properly. You see, gutters need a lot of care, and if you don’t give it that, you get washed away dirt and a flooded basement well. Unlike many other problems in our lives, gutter problems are not something you should ignore because they will backfire. From clogged mower to mosquito breeding, improper gutter maintenance can cause a lot of harm to the house. So, when do you take the necessary action to prevent this? Well, here are seven signs you need to call in a service for gutter repairs Melbourne homeowners trust.

  1. Built-up water

Under normal conditions, the gutter is supposed to allow water to flow smoothly towards the spout and cause little disruption to you. However, if you find water overflowing from anywhere other than the downspout, your gutter may be clogged and needs cleaning. If the problem persists even after cleaning, you may need to replace them.

  1. Landscape changes

After a heavy rain, if you find some of the dirt washed away from the foundation, you have a gutter problem. Usually, downspouts are kept at a height that does not harm the landscape when water flows through it. If there is a leak, you will find erratic patterns of soil erosion in your garden. Look for areas directly underneath the gutter; you may find anything from lines to small holes. 

  1. Bent metal

Gutters are made to hold water. However, when there is a block and water does not flow down the downspout, they pool around. This can lead to a lot of load on the gutter, bending it in an obvious way, even in aluminum gutters. Most homeowners can notice the bent metal with ease as they walk around their house. If you find your gutter is not straight as it should be, it is time to repair them.

  1. Gutter gaps

If you find water flowing from anywhere other than the downspout, you have a gap in the gutter. However, the problem with this is that it is not easy to spot. Someone driving past your host might see it, but it will be hard for you unless you are during heavy rain with an umbrella.

  1. Cracks and wear

Most gutters are made of aluminum, making them strong and durable. However, even they can have a crack or be damaged when a rogue tree branch hits the gutter during a storm. When removing a slanting or fallen tree branch from a gutter, if you find any cracks, you may want to call in your repair person to take care of it.

  1. Discolored paint

If you are not up to going outside in the rain, the best way to know you have a gutter problem is by checking the exterior paint. It is one of the easiest ways to detect a faulty gutter. When there is a leak, water hits places it should not be hitting. Problems arise when this happens consistently because the minerals in it can cause vertical discolored streaks on the paint. 

  1. Unexplained metals

You are walking around in your garden and step onto nails and metal parts whose source you cannot trace. If this happened to you, you need to check your gutter; it may be disintegrating. The problem could either be with the frame the gutter in holding onto (decaying wood) or the pipe itself is falling apart due to aging. 


Problems with your gutter can cause innumerable problems, including flooding, mold growth, and ruined landscape work. Proper maintenance work at the right time can prevent this. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for these seven signs when it rains the next time.

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