8 Reasons Why You Need To Get An Electric Bike Right Now


Electric bikes have increased sales to almost 91% in just one year. They are the future and now emerging as a million-dollar industry. E-bikes are taking over traditional bike sales. It is not completely overturning the manually powered cycles but it is somehow enhancing it. Here are 8 reasons why you need to get an electric bike right now.

  • Pedaling becomes Easier

E-bikes can assist you during pedaling. If you are climbing up or on rough terrain, you can push the pedal-assist which can engage a motor that can give you a boost so that you don’t have to put in more energy. They are just like conventional bikes but a better version of it. Apart from this, electric bicycles Brisbane comes with an extra feature that engages the throttle to enhance the speed. They are not legal in several municipalities due to pedestrian safety. The speed can be controlled with the help of pedal and can be disengaged anytime you want. Usual cyclists tend to go for the cycles that come with throttle but ends up buying the ones with pedal-assist for their next purchase.

  • You Ride More

If you own a normal cycle, you might feel it is tiring to use it all the time. But people using e-bikes tend to use their bikes more. This is mainly because you can just use pedal-assist or throttle option when you feel it is tiring to ride all the time. It makes things easier. You can give your legs a break when you have an e-bike after a long day of training. You can even use this for long trips since it has a decent speed. If you are not used to riding more than 5 miles a day, you can use the electric assist to help you on long routes.

  • E-bikes can Help you Burn Calories

E-bikes can help you burn calories every day. You are running a bike that is heavier than a regular bike and needs to balance out. This helps in staying fit even though you get a little assistance. Even after you park your bike, you are still burning calories as you walk after this exercise. You can burn at least two-thirds of calories that you burn using a regular bike. Since people tend to use the e-bikes more often compared to regular ones, it can help more towards burning extra fat.

  • They are Fast

Most e-bikes come with a power system. It has a power switch for low (eco) and high (turbo) speeds. This cannot get you faster anywhere near a motorcycle, but better than a regular cycle. The harder you pedal, the boost also works faster.

  • They Replace Cars

Some 30% percent of people have bought e-bikes as an alternative for driving cars. A usual person needs to go only 9-10 miles a day for work, shopping, and other activities. By using a bike, they save themselves from finding a proper parking space, fuel and all that hassle of the traffic. It can also help save the environment.

  • No Sweat

Unlike regular bikes, you do not need a change of clothes and needs to freshen up once you reach your destination as e-bikes can assist you on tough roads and can maintain a normal speed so that you don’t have to pedal harder.

  • They can Save Money

E-bikes are not cheap yet but can get cheaper in the future. But when you use an e-bike, you use your car less and thereby save maintenance and gas money. Plus you get to exercise without going to the gym and less sick leaves due to exercise every day.

  • Safer than Regular Bikes

Men and women can easily accelerate through traffic and keep up with low speeds. They are safer than regular bikes on a road with heavy traffic. Due to the fast acceleration, you can cross intersections faster like other bikes and avoid collisions that can happen when you race with motorbikes on a regular bike. 

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