Deck does the décor — Add Zen to your house with glamorous decking ideas!


If you thought your outdoors is just an out-of-the-door area for your house, you are highly mistaken! And do you know what the most neglected area of your outdoor area is? It’s the deck! Well, yes! We see people painting and repainting their gates, glamorising their gardens and even adding some bright lights on their driveway; but the decks always are left drab and monotonous. Either you see them in whites with a plain sofa for lounging, or they are browns used just to pile the excesses and junks of your home.

Today, let’s open your eyes to the role of decks in your home décor! This mostly ignored part of your home exterior actually has the power to jazz up your residence greatly! How? Well, you shouldn’t be short of ideas for the same! Even if you go for simple timber decking in Sydney by Enhance Building, they would have the power to add extra square feet to your property by seamlessly blending outdoor and indoor living. Their twenty-three years of experience in this field is enough to ease all your worries.

Creative decking ideas for attractive home decor!

We often are quite content with just an addition of timber decking in our houses and wouldn’t worry of glorifying it further! Reason: wood has its own sophisticated charm! Not that we deny this fact, wood is phenomenal and does have that X factor of glorifying anything. But, adding some dash of colours and a few panoramic views of greens won’t do any harm either! In fact, it will add an alluring look to your exterior! So, are you ready to explore some fabulous ideas to transform your decks to the showstoppers of your house?

  • Colourful tiles — If you aren’t opting for wooden decks, even tiles are an excellent option to add a touch of colour to your exterior. The more dramatic you are in choosing your tiles, the better charm it adds to your home. Go for crazy geometrical shapes or just choose any random coloured ones, and don’t forget to add some colourful lamps, cushions and traditional furniture to enhance its beauty more!
  • Paint the deck — If your wood has been there since a long time, then you can change its look entirely! Go for painting the decks to give it a new life. Not that sanding and staining isn’t possible, but if you need a drastic change, go for painting in bright hues – yellow, teal — anything! To seal this area with perfection, you can choose blood red bean bags or some happy coloured ottomans and floor cushions!
  • Decks with plants — Doesn’t matter the material of which your deck is made up of, a touch of green is always a treat for the eyes! You can keep some ornamental plants over the side of it or simply go for creepers or climbers. If you have a source of fresh breeze in this area, some flowering plants would do the magic of natural air freshener!
  • Match with interiors — Does your living room or bedroom open to your deck? Then creating a similar look would add to the charm of your interiors and exterior as well. You can match the same floor; add extended furniture here of the same colour as your bedroom or living room and even add some artistic paints on the outside wall that matches the one inside.
  • The multi-level creativity — Who says decks are only a single layer of floor in your home’s exterior? You can make it multi-layered too. Create some steps in between the layers and add string lights to create a magical effect. Utilise this space in the best way by adding some furniture on the top layer and a low-lying cushioned area in the layer lying below it.

These are some of the out of the box ideas which prove that any type of deck has the power to enhance the beauty of your home! Now it’s up to you to think of the best way possible to create a charismatic effect in your home’s exterior through the decks! 

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