Another holiday over


The Easter break for most of us is over and it’s been the first day back to work, the morning spent staring perhaps at a pc screen and zapping into the delete folder as many e-mails as possible with a small sense of glee.

It is surprising sometimes to stop and discover what pleases us and how limiting these small unconsidered pleasures really are.

What if you decided at the beginning of the day the kind of discoveries, actions and exchanges with other people do please you that you’d like to have.

Perhaps you might decide to make at least one person smile today. That person could be a stranger on your train journey, the person who serves you at the coffee shop, the stranger that you help by holding the door open for them.

There are numerous ways for you to make this small event happen, but what you’ll notice now is that by having that thought for just a nano-second whilst reading this text images or notions of how it could happen and the immediate outcome have already popped into your head.

This is the marvel of your mind, once you give it direction it will set a course almost immediately. So why not put this to good use and populate your forthcoming days and weeks with a number of small but life enhancing events to look forward to that give you real noncommercial pleasure. Don’t limit yourself to my earlier suggestion include other nature-oriented pleasures like noticing the sunlight and clouds, or the trees emerging into bud as spring marches headlong into summer.

Set your imagination free and it will do the work for you. The thing about doing this is that it will become the norm over a relatively short period of time and you’ll notice the difference in many ways. You’ll feel more positive , you’ll attract new responses from the people around you because you are noticing more of what’s good in life. We tend to gravitate towards people with positive vibes and those that send out such vibes usually appreciate the simple pleasures in life and as a consequence suffer less stress. Think about it . . . . . and let me know.

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