Steps to care for Expensive Luxury Curtains You Have at home?

Do you have luxury curtains and drapes installed at home? Taking good care of curtain fabric is essential. You cannot leave the curtains hanging on the walls without cleaning them for months. The fabric material will only accumulate dirt, dust, and debris every day.

For expensive curtains, it is best to hire professional curtain cleaning services. You can also search for luxury curtain cleaning and maintenance tips online. Good quality curtain fabrics may need extra care on daily basis.

Focus on the fabric quality that you have. All types of fabrics may not need the same technique to clean and maintain. Luxury curtain fabrics may need extra care. You can vacuum, brush and dry clean the curtain fabric.

Always fix the right duration

It is not possible to keep cleaning or vacuuming the curtains every day. The fabric of the curtain will easily get damaged. It is not easy to afford the cost of dry cleaning every week as well. So depending on the fabric quality you will have to fix the duration.

No matter what technique you use- dry cleaning, hand washing or machine washing, you should only do it once every three to four months. Never make a selection of the complex process to clean the curtains.

Use vacuum very often

Having luxury curtains on the windows means you may need to vacuum them regularly. You can vacuum the curtains at least once every week. Do not make use of a powerful vacuum cleaner pump to clean the curtains.

The fabric of the curtain can easily get damaged if the vacuum cleaner is powerful. You can set the suction power to a mild capacity.

Perform a color test

You should not wash or dry clean any curtain unless it has been tested for its color. Even the most expensive curtain fabrics may get faded after one or two washings. You cannot use a curtain that has faded color patches all over the fabric material. 

So always ensure that you have tested the curtain in advance. You can wash a smaller portion of the curtain fabric material before inserting the entire curtain into the washing machine.

Always maintain the right tools

Expensive washing curtains will always be a time-consuming task. You also need to use the right set of tools and equipment. Before you remove the curtains you may have to ensure you have all the tools.

If the curtains are expensive then do not use cheap quality detergent you can use fabric softener to clean the fabric. You also have to ensure the curtains have been ironed after each wash. Do not leave the curtains wet on the walls. You should allow the curtains to dry out naturally on their own. You can also use a mild dryer unit to dry excess water from the fabric. 

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