Polishing Checklist for Home Exteriors before Appraisal

When thinking about putting your house for sale, knowing its market value is necessary. Therefore, before you conduct a pre-listing home inspection in Chicago, you must get an appraisal of the property. A professional appraising of your house can give you an idea on its market value and the possible sale and closing price. Like an inspection, the result of an appraisal depends on many factors; one of them being the condition of the property exterior. Therefore, before an appraiser shows up at your doorstep, make sure his first impression of your property is a positive one. Here are four tips that help you with the same.

  1. Mow your lawn

When mowed properly, your lawn can look beautiful and lift up the overall appeal of the property. Likewise, even if the grass is not trimmed for a few days, you may still find your lawn to be shaggy. This can reduce the value of your house when an appraiser shows up. Therefore, have your lawn mowed regularly and right before the day of the appraisal to make sure they look good and appealing.

  1. Get rid of dead trees

When you are growing trees in your backyard, losing them to a disease or age can be sad and frustrating. However, it can get worse if you delay removing them, as it can cause severe damage to your house. When an appraisal is just around the corner, make the extra expense of tree removal to avoid reducing your property’s value. Not doing this will make your house look neglected.

  1. Add mulch to the beds

Adding mulch to your flowerbeds can instantly brighten up and increase the appeal of your garden and property exterior. However, these can be added below trees and in other key areas of the backyard and front yard. The best part of mulch is that regardless of the season when the appraisal is happening, these will remain appealing. When choosing and applying them, however, make sure you choose earthy tones that go with your soil color to avoid making it a distraction.

  1. Replace the material

If you find that the materials in your property’s exteriors are cracked, missing, or warped, you need to replace it immediately. This will reduce your appraisal value by affecting your house’s visual appeal and making it look neglected. Therefore, make sure to replace them and add an extra layer of cladding for weather protection.


A number of things can affect your property’s value during an appraisal. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps. The ones mentioned above not only increase your house’s appeal but also keeps it protected from weather-related and age-based harm. Taking care of them before the appraisal can assure you are a great value. 

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