The Essential Properties to Look for While Choosing Paint for Your Roof

If you have decided to give your home’s exterior a new look, then you just can’t ignore your roof! It’s an important component of your house and deserves to look as beautiful as the other parts of your home. So, if you are painting your entire home, make sure even your roof is getting a facelift with a new shade. But remember, you just can’t use the normal wall paint for your roof! The criteria to choose the one for your roof are somewhat different.

How to Choose Roof Color

While you are on the verge of painting your roof, ensure to call the experts of roof painting in Auckland, RMC Painting is a pro in the job with lots of experience in this field. And after that, concentrate on picking the shade that matches your home’s exterior décor perfectly well. Now come the very vital properties that you just can’t avoid while choosing your paint:

  • Weatherproofing properties— It’s exterior and it’s your roof! You just can’t assume it to be like your normal paint which would wear off after experiencing the very first rains. And roof paint isn’t just a new layer of color on your roof; it provides a second protective layer on it. So, the paint you are choosing for your roof should have the tough qualities of bearing the extreme weather conditions like wind, rains, and snow. Apart from this, see to it that your paint stays tough against the UV rays of the sun and doesn’t get bleached on its first day out in the sun. Such paint that is super tough in all weathers, doesn’t just protect your roof, but also your interiors as well.
  • Self cleaning properties — A freshly painted roof looks really tidy and clean. But we all know that it isn’t going to be the same after some months. The dust and dirt that gets accumulated on it naturally steal its beauty and clean texture. And we often assume that the rainwater will wash away the dirt from your roof. But it isn’t the case in reality. Sometimes, rain leads to the dust and dirt getting stuck on your roof rather than cleaning them away. But some paints have a special self-cleaning property that either creates friction that cleans the dirt on it or has the nanotechnology that builds a layer of a surface cleaning on the roof that isn’t affected by any kind of grime or dirt. This means, no matter what happens, your roof stays glowing with alluring paint always.
  • Microorganism’s growth prevention properties— The growth of microorganisms like algae, fungus or even mould formation is very common on roofs. But some roof paints repel such microorganisms. These paints are rich with chemicals that prevent the growth of such organisms on the surface. Hence your roof stays spic and span and neat always.

So, now you know what properties you have to search for when you go to buy roof paint. We are sure this would be one of the wisest decisions you make for your home. 

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