Choosing the Right Bricklayer — a Quick Guide for You!


Choosing a bricklayer is the most basic step that you have to look into when starting a construction work! The base of the buildings and the very beginning of any construction is crucial for a good, strong structure. And to ensure your commencement is perfect and tough, getting good bricklayers for the job is essential. And this process should be tended to with utmost care and consideration.

A good Bricklayer is an expert having all the knowledge of proper brick laying and about constructing basic and advanced building structures. Related to masonry, but a bit different because of their niche skills in putting and placing bricks or stones perfectly to form a building structure. While bricklaying can be a serious profession, there are certain people who enjoy it as their hobby and find it almost therapeutic to build a wall brick by brick.

How to choose the best bricklayers for your next construction work? 

You invest a lot of time, efforts and money on constructing any building, and these are of utmost importance to you! That is why concentrating in each and every part of it and the process of recruiting workers for the process are necessary. Always choose for the best workers so that your finished construction looks incredible, and lasts longer too. Start by selecting the best bricklayers service in Gold Coast by Coastal Masonry Constructions, who are known for years in this genre of work. They offer their best workers to create structures as per your requirement, and guarantee one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Find below a quick guide to help you choose the best bricklayers for your construction:

  • Past history — Don’t hesitate to check the last work of your bricklayers’ service provider. They’ll guide you with the names and addresses of such places where they worked before, and where you can just go and take a look at the property. Most of these are referred by locals, who also let you check their property as an example and also as reference.
  • Qualifications— Just like any other expert in a field, even bricklayers are qualified through a certified course. Check for their qualifications to know if they have ample knowledge about their work or not. Hiring a fully qualified tradesperson ensures a good quality of workmanship, and will result in the integrity of the structure — whether it’s building a house or just a retaining wall.
  • Check their work — There would be some sites where the bricklayers would be presently working. You can check their work practically there. Notice if they are doing the task in hand in proper speed or are rushing too much or are being very slow. Even this impacts your decision of hiring them for your work.
  • Technical knowledge— One more aspect of getting the right worker for your construction work is to check whether the person or team knows about the various technical knowledge in that genre. Proper understanding of measurement and structure is very important when laying the basic structure of a building — and without this knowledge, it’ll be hard to guide them to do the accurate work in the property.
  • Working at heights — Most of the times, a high risk factor is attached to the bricklaying work. The workers are expected to work at a good height for a long time. Ensure the company you are hiring for bricklayers offers you craftsmen who can manage it easily, and also tools and gears for safety.
  • Safety and insurance — As there can be a lot of risky work procedures during the bricklaying task, it is essential that the workers are aware of the basic rules of safety. When they know how to stay safe and carry the precautions for the same, and also avoid anyone else getting into danger because of them, the work would go more smoothly and efficiently. Also, if the workers are insured, any kind of harm or injury to them during the work doesn’t burden you financially and legally. 
  • Cost factor — You may finally find some bricklayers who would be just perfect for your construction work and would be great in their work. But the cost of their service can exceed your budget. Ask for discounts or offers if their company provides for the same. If not, you can check if you can afford the cost by adjusting other factors, or you would have to adjust with other bricklayers who may work within your budget – however, make sure of their expertise and experience, along with goodwill. 

After assessing all these factors, you should simply talk to them personally and interview them. This can be the best assess and decide whether they are the best for your work (or not)!

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