Confused about the flooring of your house? this short guide will help remove your doubts


Choosing the right flooring for your house is one of the confusing parts while making your own home. It is critical to decide which type of flooring you should choose different spaces in your home. It is good not to go for the same type of flooring throughout the house.

Ask yourself some questions before deciding on what type to choose for your home. What is the number of people who are going to use this room? How is the traffic? What all should this type of floor endure? If there are pets or kids, this should be more carefully decided. For example, in washrooms, you may have to choose wet room flooring like tiles so that the flooring is water safe.  There are many advantages to having different floorings in different spaces.


First, let us consider the kitchen. It needs a flooring type which does not break easily and can be cleaned easily. Here you cannot go for printed designs as these places are regularly cleaned and the chances of wearing off are high. Some good choices for kitchen are linoleum, wood or ceramic tiles. These are the most commonly used flooring in kitchen. Linoleum is comparatively less expensive and easy to clean. They come with a wide variety of designs. Ceramic tiles are even better. They give superior strength and durability. It can resist scratches and dents.

One thing to consider before fixing tiles is they can crack. Also if you have kids then make sure the flooring you choose is not slippery. Wood is also a good option when it comes to durability and traffic. Hardwoods give a perfect home feeling and a protective finish will add to its life by preventing moisture.

Dining Rooms

For dining rooms and drawing rooms choose exquisite floorings to show off some spotless beautiful floors. With mobile flooring showrooms it now easier to shop flooring materials as they can be done in your own houses. In living rooms as well as other similar areas tiles or wood are the best options here. They come with many patterns and style. Some people also choose carpets in living rooms. They add some classy feeling to your space. Wood flooring adds elements of natural beauty and elegance. Either softwood or hardwood, they have many options like oak, white maple, birch and pine. These come in different quality and grades so that we have control over the cost. With woods, there are two types of flooring. Strip flooring and plank flooring. Strip as the name indicated will be narrow strips of say 2 and  ⅔ inches while plank is wide pieces up to 7 inches. Make sure to avoid wooden flooring below ground. This is a waste of money but if you need a similar finish you can opt for laminate floors. This is the multi-ply core on hardwood layers which can resist contraction as well as expansion better than solid wood materials.


Flooring in bedrooms is crucial as we spend most of our time there and it will be inconvenient if don’t choose wisely. Choose carpets on any type of flooring of your choice for places like bedrooms where you are planning to spend more time barefoot. It adds some kind of intimacy and also provides insulation and soundproofing to an extent. They come in different styles and materials. Whether it is wool or nylon you should do your research beforehand.


For bathrooms, you need to select moist preventing material. Marble, granite, limestone, linoleum or ceramic tiles are the most popular functional flooring chosen for areas like these. Ceramic or vinyl tiles can be laid out easily. They are less costly compared to marbles and granites which need expert professionals to do your flooring. These tips should be kept in mind before choosing to floor your house. Stick to your budget and do your research and opt for the best quality materials and professionals to do this work.

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