Change that Matters: Employee Friendly Technologies that Your Business should have by Now


Most companies often find it hard to remain competitive, and ironically on account of the fact that they are unable to retain skilled employees rather than on account of any competitive tech knowhow. The fact remains that most companies have only realized that while it is imperative that they adopt new technologies that can provide them with a competitive edge over their competition, that it is equally important that they are able to retain their skilled employees. And once an employee quits, the company would have to waste valuable resources training someone new, and start from scratch which is why it makes more sense for the said company to adopt employee friendly technologies that can help foster a closer bond with the employee and the company itself. Check out the various tips/ suggestions posted below.

  • Remote access: As a company, you may find it worthwhile investing in digital technology and related enterprise related technology. By adopting new technologies, you should be able to enable your employees to work remotely. It has been proven conclusively that companies that enable their employees to work remotely often see an uptick as far as their productivity goes. By enabling certain enterprise apps and related technologies, your employees should be able to handle projects from remote locations, with their laptop as well as other hand held devices. Furthermore, you would find that most employees would appreciate being able to work remotely and this in turn, would enable them to stay focused on the project and endear them to the company as well.
  • Time management: There are several time management tools that you can use to monitor and track the performance of your employees. You can use the same to evaluate the time taken to complete a certain task/ project and if they exceed your expectations, then you can reward that employee as well. This would act as an incentive which in turn should help boost productivity at your organization.
  • Communication: Despite the fact this is the digital age; some of the companies often lose out on large opportunities or mishandle projects due to miscommunication. To ensure that your employees are able to communicate with related members of the same project team in real time, you may want to adopt instant communication tools that all members of the project team have instant access to – from instant chat message rooms to android apps. This can help various team members to discuss their related project in real time, carry out various discussions instantly, set certain goals and achieve the same, within the given time frame.
  • Payroll management: You can ensure that your employees get paid in time by integrating single touch payroll app with which you can pay your employees on time with the app. This should help foster trust and enable you to boost productivity at your office as well.
  • Safe environment: It is important that you are able to create safe environment for your employees to work in. You must ensure that the immediate ambience is healthy, and that your office space features green technologies which can help improve the immediate environment. Furthermore, adopting green technologies would enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time, develop a better reputation amongst your employees as well.
  • Air filters, HVAC and more: When you are running a company, it is essential that you utilize the latest in technologies that include incorporating the latest air filters and HVAC systems, so that your employees can work in a healthy environment. Furthermore, you may also want to ask your employees for periodic feedback and suggestions regarding their work experience to date and how it was working for your company. These feedbacks can prove to be quite invaluable and may even provide you with various suggestions on how you can go about improving working conditions at your office.

These are some of the latest technologies that your company needs to adopt at the earliest. For example, has already in place some of the latest technologies in place, which has already resulted in positive growth. By integrating the same, you should be able to retain valuable employees and  at the same time, become more productive and as a result, more competitive as well.

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