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Climate change and the development of tourism in Mexico have altered the shoreline of the country, putting the habitats of sea turtles at risk. Tourists also prefer natural, pristine beaches.

Ancient genetic link between bonobos and chimpanzees

The River Congo separates Bonobos and chimpanzees but share more genes than previously thought. Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters

Two species have mated for 500,000 years, and their genetic markers are still present today. This knowledge could save them from extinction.

Revealed – vampire bats are able to drink blood from humans

Doesn’t he look like a real threat? Gerry Carter/Wikimedia CC BY SA, CC BY SA

According to new data, the hairy-legged bats of Pernambuco in Brazil prefer human blood to other possible prey.

Wood beetles help recycle nature with fungi

Longhorn beetle larvae feeding on pine tree stump. Michal Filipiak Author provided

Decomposition is only possible because of hardworking beetles, and friendly fungi.

The pet trade and the extinction of many animal species

Beawiharta Beawiharta/Reuters

It’s time to protect the many species that are traded as pets, exhibits, and medicines.

First glow-in the-dark frog in the world found in Argentina

Scientists from Argentina discovered a frog which glows at night and in the moonlight. Prior to this, florescence was only found in a few insect and bird species and it had never been reported scientifically for any of the 7,000 amphibian species around the world.

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