Planning To Buy A Horse: Be Aware Of These Things


If you happen to love horses and want to purchase one, then there are a few things that you need to know about. For starters, owning a horse is not like owning a pet badger or a dog or for that matter, a cat. And if you are still keen on purchasing that horse, then you definitely need to review the following points.

Cost: The first thing that you need to consider is the cost involved in the maintenance and keep of your horse. You need to understand that a horse is not self-sustaining contrary to what you may have seen in a few movies or documentaries. Apart from having to hire a person to exercise your horse regularly, you would also have to shell out for his upkeep and maintenance, and that includes food, building a stable to house the horse, and of course, regular checkups with the local vet. And all of this can lead to a substantial financial burden, so that’s why you carefully need to consider the question carefully, as to whether you are completely sure that you want to purchase a horse?

Food: Your horse is not going to chew on the grass all the time, and his feed cannot just consist of dried grass or seeds. He needs a varied diet, and while your horse is well equipped to search out for his own food in the wild, he cannot do so under domestic settings. He would need you to supply him with a varied diet that will ensure that he receives the required quota of day to day vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Space: That’s something else you need to have, especially if you are planning to house, feed, and maintain a horse. You would need at least an acre of free space so that your horse can get regular exercises and smaller spaces can start to have an impact on the horse’s health. So make sure that you have the required space. Additionally, you can also search online for “keeping horses safe in South Africa” as that should list out more than a few agencies who will be willing to house your horse for a regular fee.

Tools: You would need lots of brushes with which you would need to brush your horse’s teeth regularly. You also need a hoof pick since horses can often pick up dirt, manure and even sharp stones in the gap between the hoofs. Bacterial infection is a serious issue, and that is why you need to use the hoof pick as often as you possibly can and help clean your horse better.

Add ons: Your horse also needs blankets, to keep him warm during cold winter months. But more than that he would require the companionship of other animals. Your horse, if it is kept in isolation, would soon start acting out. And by keeping a few animals around, you are actually helping to relax and calm him down. So if you plan to enter your horse into the local race, then you would know that he needs to be relaxed and in top form. That’s why you may want to stable him with a few other animals, such as geese, goats, etc.

These are some of the points that you would have to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a horse. But above all, do remember to check out some of the local stales and find out if they can store your horse for you for a fee. A horse requires some commitment on your part, and then there’s the question of cost as well as space. There is nothing that comes close to the experience of riding one’s horse at top speed but do pay attention to the various tips posted above.  

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