Home Inspection Los Angeles

Los Angeles homebuyers make it a point to have a professional inspect their home before they sign the escrow papers. This will ensure that they know what they are purchasing. Many defects can be hidden beneath the sink or in major appliances. Buyers often overlook these areas. A licensed home inspector inspects all these areas and more. Then, they provide a detailed report with helpful information about the current state and maintenance of the home.

Home Inspection in Los Angeles for condos and lofts Downtown are typically easier than those for a single-family house. Lofts are often the strongest of all residences, built to higher-quality industrial or commercial standards. Los Angeles’ single-family homes are more prone to defects than condos. Many houses also have problems with unpermitted additions or other issues that home inspectors don’t usually catch. Sometimes, homes on hills like Mount Washington require a separate septic system inspection.

Industry experts estimate that 33 potential physical problems could be discovered during a home inspection. If you are thinking of selling your home, there are 11 things that you should be aware of. A free report is available called “11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Home Inspection.” Request a free copy of this report in your mail by ordering from the toll-free 24-hour automated condo information hotline at 1-800-791-4541 ID#1003 

While termites and other pests can affect most traditional homes, they are rare in lofts. Condo owners should know HOA Homeowners Association rules and issues. To ensure the inspector has access to the roofs, air conditioning, heating and plumbing of the unit being inspected, condo sellers should check with their HOA before the inspection. The seller may need to reimburse the buyer if the seller does not turn on the electricity or other utilities. Buyers are more inclined to inspect the home during escrow. However, it is a smart investment to have a home inspection done before the buyer arrives to ensure that they get the repairs and the home is in great condition.


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