How to Choose an SEO Company

It can be difficult and daunting to find the right SEO company in auckland for you, given the amount of spam and unreliable companies online. SEO is a long-term investment that can make or break your website. So do your research before you hire a company to manage your SEO. Here are five things to look out for when looking at SEO companies.

Realistic Offers – It probably will be if it sounds too good to true. Companies that offer real results and don’t promise anything are the ones to look for. SEO is an ongoing process and no can guarantee 100% rankings. Search algorithms are out of an agency’s hands. Warning: Any promise of overnight or guaranteed rankings must be resisted immediately.

Experience – It’s smart to check how long a company has been around. A company’s experience is measured by its time in business. Companies that have served many clients over the years have extensive experience in different industries and are well-versed in what works.

Case Studies – Good SEO companies should have case studies and be willing to share them. Case studies should showcase their work and provide concrete examples of their results, validating their skills and expertise. These case studies testify to the company’s ability and willingness to deliver positive results. Make sure you have checked with the companies you are interested in.

Certifications While there is no ‘SEO certification,’ there are some standard certifications that legitimate agencies have for Analytics and PPC. Google, Yahoo and Bing each have their certifications in PPC. These certifications are proof of a company’s knowledge about the advertising platforms used by each search engine.

White-Hat Strategies – Ask your agency which strategies they use, and get their explanations in language you can understand. You should be concerned about any strategies that appear manipulative or unethical. Ethical companies will answer all your questions and explain the details of their strategy to you so there is no doubt about their ethics.

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