How to make extra $500 – $1000 a month easily, no kidding PART I.

Title is sounds familiar. huh! Sounds like one of those make money fast scams. But this is not a scam and it’s a legitimate way to make money if you will implement it. As mentioned in the title of this article you can easily make $1000 a month or more if you do it correctly.

To be honest, You need a little investment here, but wait don’t stop reading please continue. Even though I said you need to a little investment, it does not mean that you get the money from your pocket. Let other people pay your investment. Yes that’s right, if you don’t like to spend single cent for this money making opportunity it’s okey let other pay for it and you will earn.

So what this all about?

Currently there are thousands or hundred of thousands Internet Marketer on the web this days and continuously growing day after day. Many of these internet marketers specially those who are already successful and have money to spend don’t like to waste their time doing internet marketing leg works such us submitting their site to social bookmarking sites, rss feed directories, blog commenting, blog creation, article directory submission and other internet marketing jobs that really need to much time. They prefer to pay someone to do all this time consuming job so that they can use their precious time to make more money and more time for their family.

Let me guess what you’re thinking, offer those internet marketers a service, where you will do the leg work for them. Well that’s right, but you don’t need to do all those leg works your self, else you can’t make lot of money? If you’re going to work all those time consuming leg works, do you believe that you can make lot of money? No! Why? Because you have a limitations, even you work 24 hours a day. Let’s say there are 10 internet marketers who want to acquire your service and all of them want you to submit their site to 100 social bookmarking sites, 100 article directory, 50 blog comment. Have you imagine how many time you need to complete those task. Yes of course you can do it, but you spend to much time on it. To the point that you don’t have time anymore to your self , family, and you can’t make lot of money from it.

How much money you earn versus how many hours you spend to complete those task?

Let’s say all these 10 internet marketers order 100 social bookmarking submission from you for $15 only, that is $15 X 10 = $150 wow you’re $850 short from our $1000 target. Next is that you need to work for the 10 order, usually it takes 2 hours or more to complete 100 social bookmarking submission depends on your internet connection and technique. So you need 20 – 24 hours to complete all those order by your self. But you don’t work 24 hours right? My estimate is that you will complete this 10 orders in 3-5 days. Your daily earnings is about $30-$50 per day. Not bad if you have lot of time to spend and you’re happy with that amount of money.

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart!

I love this quote, it always motivate me. You don’t need to work very hard to become richer than others, all you have to do is be smarter than others. Haven’t you realized or ask to your self, why those successful Internet Marketers prefer to pay someone to work all the leg works for them rather than they do it by their selves? Because they are smart, they know that they can’t make to much money from those time consuming job. They may pay someone for $1 an hour to do the leg works for them, while they can make $5 per hour in other job. If I am not mistaken, they call this leveraging. Believe it or not that is one of their biggest secret.

Follow their footsteps, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you need to be smart like them also. Rather than spending 24 hours working on all those orders of your customers, why not pay experience freelancers or company that are already knowledgeable on this kind of works. And use those 24 hours searching for another customers who are looking to outsource their leg works.

There are many places to find free lancers like digitalpoint, sitepoint, and warrior forum WSO. But searching reliable freelancers is also little bit risky, sometimes you need trial and error. Before hiring a freelancer or a company, make some research or ask other about their experience with those free lancers or company.

A new outsourcing solution that match this purpose is now open for limited members only.

Recently we started our new outsourcing membership program, where members get 15 credits upon subscription and can buy more credits if they need more for the promotion of their sites, or site of their customers. Each marketing technique such us social bookmarking, directory submission, rss feed directory submission, article submission, and other marketing techniques have corresponding credits from 0.3 to 3.0 depending on what type of work involve. For example our staff will submit your site to 100 social bookmarking site for only 1 credit per site. You can use this service to make more money without doing the hard work.

The advantage of our team ( is that we have already the experience in providing internet marketing outsourcing jobs. We have well trained staffs to implement any marketing techniques for your websites.

How can you make money using service?

1. Take note all internet marketing techniques offered by
2. Estimate your price for each internet marketing techniques from
Example :
We focus on social bookmarking only in this example. Currently the membership fee is $97 only and members get 15 initial credit upon subscription. Let’s say you want to use your 15 credits to social bookmarking submission service only. The credit for 100 social bookmarking submission of 1 site is 1 credit. Meaning you can use your 15 credits for 15 sites that will be submitted to 100 social bookmarking sites. Now compute how much each credit /100 bookmarking submission cost , $97 / 15 = $6.46 huh! very cheap isn’t? From this price you can now decide your own price for your customer, $15-$25 is good range to be completive.

3. Offer your new service to your customers, with your own price.
4. After you get your first few orders, register for new account at , if you need more credits later on you can buy from members area.
5. Request for new task from our staff and wait for the report, so that you have report for your customers.

On Part 2 , I will show you more how to maximized the services of

Check new Outsourcing Solution and take advantage on it before all slot is taken…

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