Juicing vs Blending: All You Need to Know

Juicing and blending are different and many don’t know the difference. Although both sounds the same, the concepts and end products are totally different. Juicing is the process of extracting pure juice with the help of a machine from the fruit or vegetable leaving the pulp behind. Blending machine pulverizes the whole fruit including the pulp into a smoothie. There is fiber involved in blending but in juicing it is pure extract. There has been several debates and constant disagreement within people on juicing and blending. Here are some answers to your never-ending queries about this which never gets a proper explanation. 

Which One is Better?

We can’t say which one is better. Some people do not have to include fibre in their diet. what do dietitians do in this case is make the patient under their treatment to follow a certain diet. Most of these include several servings of fruits per day. This can reduce strokes by 26% and prevent death from cardiovascular disease. Taking fruits can also delay the onset of Alzheimers. Including fruits in our diet is very beneficial. It can be more nutritious when you take it with fiber. 

Juicing is chosen by chemo patients as well as those who are looking for doing cleanse and fast. But the sugar goes directly into the bloodstream while you take juice whereas when you drink a smoothie, fiber is present and the sugar absorption level into the bloodstream is less.  

For those who are in a low-fiber diet, juice is nutrient rich fluid in a small amount is enough. Blending is good for developing your digestive health because of fibers. It is comparatively cheap because less fruits are needed to blend.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of drinking a smoothie or juice every day. 

1. Limit to 1-2 servings of fruits per drink, because excess sugar can lead to other diseases. If you drink fruit juices for more than twice a day, there can be an increase in blood sugar levels. This leads to diabetes which is incurable. 

2. Load up on green veggies like parsley, kale, spinach, etc. These might not taste good but are very healthy. Health drinks and other workout drinks can be made quickly and easily. 

3. Add lemons without peel while drinking bitter vegetables. This adds the citrus taste to the juice which can make the intake less difficult. 

4. Add regular or coconut water to drink smoothies to make it less thick. Smoothies can get really thick depending on the fruits we use. A mango smoothie made without adding water can be difficult to drink. So if you are having fibrous fruits in your smoothie, add water. 

5. If you have any medical condition, please consult a doctor. Some people should undergo low-fiber diet because of their medical conditions. It is advised to consult your dietician if you are under any medication. 

6. This is the most efficient way to consume fruits and vegetables in your busy everyday life. You may not get enough time to include fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. We end up eating unhealthy fast foods to feel full on a busy day. You can easily make a smoothie in less than 2 minutes and carry it with you because that can give you more energy than all the fast foods you might be having on a normal basis.  

7. Cleaning up after blending is much easier than juicing.While juicing, so much waste is generated and when you blend, the whole fruit is consumed which means zero wastage. For juice, you will need more fruits than smoothies. 

8. Blender is multifunctional whereas juicer is not. Although both have their own advantages depending on the health of the person taking it, a normal healthy person should take smoothie because of its digestive properties, less wastage and more nutrition-rich value. 

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