Launching a product in the market? Go with lifestyle photography!


A few centuries back, the only way of buying products was going to the desired shop in person and purchasing the items you were in need of. This was the only logical way of doing it — no matter whether you wanted clothes or home supplies or appliances. Later, when television became popular in households, one could also dial some numbers and order any particular product that would be advertised in certain channels. Still, going out to market and purchasing the product was more prevalent.

Who would’ve thought that with passing decades, all of this could be done with just a few clicks on our mobile phones? Various applications and sites came up that could be easily accessed via smart phones and one could easily purchase anything, literally anything, through them. Online retail is a huge industry, and thousands of minds work together to get them going. So, whenever we scroll through the product listings, we either see products against a white backdrop or in a more natural set-up, like in the case of lifestyle photography. Dean Mitchell Photography is a UK based company that provides a wide range of services in commercial, lifestyle, interior design and food styling photography.

Importance of lifestyle photography in product listing

Even if you are not a manufacturer for e-retail, you will still know the crucial role that the product image plays. People will never purchase a product if it doesn’t look attractive on the image. So, for product listing, one has to be extremely careful while choosing the type of photography. For being on the safe side, it is always better to go for a professional photographer mastering in interior photography. Here is the few importance of lifestyle photography in product listing:

  • Story-telling: While selling something online, it is very important to tell a story about the product to potential customers, and lifestyle photography does just that. Lifestyle photography helps the product to portray a story, so that the customers can easily connect with the product. It is extremely difficult to connect with a product that is placed against a harsh white backdrop. Instead, lifestyle photography allows the product to interact with other objects that we are familiar with in our daily lives. It makes it easier for the customers to imagine their lives with that product.
  • Inspiring: Lifestyle photography is an amazing way to inspire a person. It is a great asset for furniture, cosmetics, accessories and clothing industries. A white background hardly does anything to light up one’s imagination. However, lifestyle photography allows people to see what are the possibilities in which a particular product can be put into use. Like, how a pair of jeans can be either paired up with a crisp white shirt or with a floral top for a more spring inspired look. Even if a person is not searching for anything in particular, an attractive product listing might inspire them to purchase your product immediately. We all know that some innocent scrolling through the product listings always ends up into us making guilty purchases. This is the power of perfect product photography!
  • Explaining: Lifestyle photography can do a great deal in helping people understand the product closely. A product might not be a common one or a conventional one, so everyone might not know the use of the product. So, lifestyle photography can help the customers in understanding how the product works. It helps in showing the assembly of the product, and also how the product will look from various angles.
  • Imagining: Lifestyle photography helps customers to imagine how a product will look in their household or on them. Just the image of the product doesn’t give away much, but if it is placed in a proper setting, it might help the buyers to imagine more easily. It also helps them to understand whether the product will look good in their context or not.

These are the importance of going with lifestyle photography in product listing. Always remember that people will only buy items that they can understand and connect with. Now making that possible is in your hands with clever and strategic photography!

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