Make it count: Vaping tips for first-time vapers

Whether you are switching from a cigarette to e-cigarette or it’s your first encounter with smoking substances, the experience can be overwhelming, leaving you with assurance or confusion for a second try.

However, if you are determined to make this work and need some pro tips to get started on the right note, here is exactly what you need. Read on and have a great vape session!

Vaping For Beginners

  • E-juice matters

Well, first impressions might not be the last impressions anymore, but they will surely influence the perception you form of vaporisers. That being said, make sure that you spend some time finding the right flavour of e-liquid for you. You would not want anything to go wrong when you vape for the first time, and if you can’t taste the flavour in the smoke, it’s not going to be a pleasant memory. Look for a taste which will please you and a vape company which offers only quality products.

  • Buy from the best

Case in point, as mentioned above, it’s highly crucial that you never compromise on the quality of products you will be inhaling. From vaporisers and e-liquids to coils and mods, every little thing that makes your vape session possible should be purchased from a trusted source. When buying from a vape store in London, do not fall for ‘cheap’, and always remember that quality is a necessity, not an option.

  • Monitor any leaks

Many vapers have complained that instead of smoke, they are tasting the e-juice. Not only is this going to ruin your vaping experience, but it will turn your vape kit investment into dust too. To avoid such a situation, make sure you disassemble your vapouriser before going to bed and not inhale too strongly whenever vaping.

  • Care for your equipment

Vapourisers and their accessories don’t come cheap, which means it’s a smart move to take care of their maintenance and enhance their longevity for as long as possible. To do the same, make sure you keep your equipment clean, look for signs of cracking, keep a check on the coils and battery and change the liquid timely. Also, shake the juice before each vape to get the perfect blend that you paid for, and research much before investing in expensive coils and mods so you are satisfied with your pick.

  • Starter kits are a sensible pick

What’s better than a starter kit for a newbie? E-cigarette starter kits  are the ultimate alternative for a new vape lover, and they are undoubtedly a significant investment too. Such kits are laced with everything that you will possibly need to get familiar with the vape and help you become experienced enough to make the right vape choices.

  • Sit back and let it in

So, why will you be going through all the trouble above? To get to this part with ease! When you have a good kit or vapouriser in place which is well-maintained and paired with excellent quality and flavoured e-juice, all you have to do now is sit back and make the most of your vape session. Gain knowledge on tricks and information about mouth to lung and direct to lung inhaling and experiment as much as you like to be an ace vaper.

Well, not only is vaping safer than cigarette smoking, it’s is surely more fun and exciting for smoke lovers. Following these tips will help you get OH MY GOD kind of smoke in every session, so keep this guide handy and don’t forget to hit the share button.

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