This is how you can Make your House Look More Expensive on a Budget


It is common to want your home to be classy and nice, but it is not easy to get the look when you do not have enough cash with you. Every one of us dreams to have a fancy house with dim lighting and fancy walls. Why dream about it when you can make it a reality?

Price is not the main thing which decides whether material or an object is nice or not. However, this is how most of our brains are trained to think. If you see a costly item, you think it is fancy whereas a cheap item might not look that fancy to your eyes. 

1. Hang Curtains High: Take your own time in choosing the drapes. Choose the most elegant and royal one from the lot. It does not make any sense in investing money into curtains which hang around all day doing nothing. They are just something to cover your windows and not let sunlight enter the room. Hanging curtains in the right way can make them look better. Hanging your curtains higher than usual can give you an illusion of height. It will look nice if you can mount the rod at a height of 4 to 6 inches above the window to make the ceilings look taller. By getting decorative rods, brackets and, tiebacks, you can have a budget-friendly yet stylish look.

2. Area Rugs, Lamp Shades and Flowers: Instead of taking down the whole floor for adjustments, you can throw in a rug for a cozy feeling. That simple rug can be a game changer and can change the entire look of the house. Flowers, on the other hand, can give a classy look to the house. they can make the house look alive when putting together. If you are afraid of taking care of the real ones, you can always have the fake ones to save the day. You can even replace them with new varieties whenever necessary. 

3. Tiles: Tiles can greatly increase the look of a house. there are a wide variety of tiles to choose from in the present-day world. To get the best tiles from your vicinity, try searching for Tilers in Auckland to get the best range of tiles near you. You can even try out the splash back tiles for your kitchen. By installing splash back tiles for your kitchen, you will be able to save the walls from all the water splashes while cooking or washing. 

To get the splash back tiles for your kitchen, try searching for splashback tiles NZ  to get all the organizations which have this kind of tiles. 

4. Paint your Walls: A fresh coat of paint can take the look of the house in a long way. You can apply the paint in so many ways and designs and you can choose the color which will please you the most. You can color each room in a different way making it vibrant and more clear. There are so many options to choose from. Take your own time and get the best color which suits your house.

5. Hang Art on the Walls: You can hang anything on the walls which can range from family photos to art. These photos and works when framed can create a sense of elegance to the house. you have to choose the right place to hang them. Go to your local craft store right away to choose the best fits for your home. 

6. Use Bookshelves for More than Books: You don’t have to use bookshelves just to rack up the pile of books. You can also throw in some cute framed photos as well as some bookends. They can increase the look of the shelf as well as a whole lot of surrounding. 

Your home can look expensive without actually having expensive things. Simple improvements can take your house a long way and make it look more lavish and glamorous.  

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