Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Living Room Accent Colours

Trying to choose the ideal living room accent wall colour is always a challenging task. You not only have to look for tips on what you should be doing but also suggestions on what you shouldn’t be doing as well. 

Therefore, in this extensive guide, we’ll be discussing in-depth some of the major pitfalls or mistakes that most homeowners tend to make when opting for living room accent wall colours. 

Mistakes To Be Avoided When Selecting Living Room Accent Colours

  1. Never Paint Two Walls As Accent Walls

According to professional house painters in Auckland, the primary objective of having an accent wall is that – the wall should be able to stand out inside your living room. By planning to paint two walls in your living room as accent walls, you’re simply defeating the primary objective of an accent wall. Painting two walls as accent walls will be confusing for the viewer and therefore will easily lessen the accent wall impact. 

Living room accent walls offer an illusion of drama and space inside a room. By trying to paint two walls as accent walls, you’re simply making the living room look small rather than being large. 

  1. Never Paint A Short Wall As Your Living Room Accent Wall

One of the greatest merits of having an accent wall is that – it offers a nice backdrop for architectural features or even furniture. If you end up painting a short wall as your accent wall, then you may not have enough space to showcase that furniture. Thus, your living room will not experience that expanding effect as you can expect from a traditional accent wall. 

You must remember that accent walls are created solely to draw the viewer’s eyes and create a focal point for the rest of your living room décor. By choosing a short-sized wall for the same will defeat such an effect. 

  1. Never Match Colours Of An Accent Wall To Other Walls Of Your Living Room

Your accent wall colour should not match the colour of the other walls inside the living room. The colour of your accent wall should be chosen based on your interior living room décor. By following such a practice, you’ll have the chance to coordinate other décor items inside the room with the accent wall colour

But, if you match the colour of your accent wall with the other walls, then your living room décor will be out of bounds. The décor will become too uniform and will not be able to create that stark contrast, thereby offering a less dramatic feel. 

Therefore, in case you’re looking for the best professional house painter to paint your living room accent wall, be sure to connect with us at any moment. 

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