Busting the Most Believed Myths About Wine Tasting Tours!


Myths, rumours and superstitions! They are everywhere and almost everyone believes in them! Except the ones who know the facts right or try to research with reason. And when it comes to wineries and wine tours – a lot have been said and are circulated from one to another. Ever wondered how much of it is true?

No one can deny the immense beauty of the wineries and the fun that’s on the cards when you tour them. But still, there are people who hesitate to try the experience because they hear rumours and believe blindly in certain naysayers. That’s why there is this urgent need to break the myths associated with such an amazing destination. Winery and Vineyard trips (along with tasting room sessions of course) are not mere tours – they are experiences – don’t deprive yourself of it!

Common myths about wine tasting tours and why you shouldn’t believe them!

Visitors to Hunter Valley love wine tasting tours with Cheers Bus, as they are well planned, guided and super comfortable. And even you should experience the same. But in case any myth is keeping you from enjoying the tour, read on!

Only wine lovers and experts can enjoy wine tours — Are you joking? Do you seriously believe the myth that you have to be an expert or a crazy wine drinker to enjoy a wine tour? Otherwise you won’t get anything attractive and astounding there to enjoy and relish? The lush greeneries, the laborious processes, the careful nurturing, the lavish tasting – you would be amazed by each aspect of a wine tour. Well, we couldn’t say that you’d not start loving wines after the tour (unless you already do!)!  As for being an expert, you certainly shall become more knowledgeable after the tour. Plus, the pleasure of exploring the region for the first time is charming and exciting.

Wine tours are expensive — Not that it would dig a large hole in your pocket for sure! The cost you bear comes back manifold in returns thanks to the experience you gather (not to mention the fun factor!).

The only best wine tours can be experienced at Napa Valley or France wineries — This is only a narrow perspective of wine tours. If you check the Internet, you’ll actually get to know that there are some really admirable wineries across the world which have lots to offer and make your day.

It’s only going to be wine tasting and nothing else — If you believe this myth, then you are certainly not doing your homework properly. Wine tours aren’t just restricted only to wine tasting and gazing at the vineyards. There can be numerous areas to explore, great food to relish and even the opportunity to experience the entire procedure of squeezing the fruits and bottling the drinks.

Wine tours can be boring — No! Wine tours are anything but boring. There are oodles of interesting facts to learn, some really rare notes about wines to take and bucket full of enjoyment to experience.

You can’t taste all the wines — Though many experts suggest spitting the wines rather than gulp them all, it doesn’t mean you can’t taste them all. You can keep some gap between the drinks so as to understand the unique texture and taste, feel and aroma of each wine. And if you keep sipping some water in between, you’ll always get an idea of the new taste you are trying. 

With all the above myths busted, we can say that wine tours are purely phenomenal destinations promising lots of fun (and wines of course)! Shake away all inhibitions and enjoy the experience to the hilt!

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