Waterproofing – No more Watergoofing in Your House

You know you won’t like it if the roof of your house starts urinating. Well, let’s stop some joke and be serious. Yeah, during the rainy season, you need to check how porous the roofs of your house are to allow the water to seepage and let it enter and fall over your head. If you live in Auckland, New Zealand, you know it’s not so easy when it comes to the wild weather that the city shows from time to time. So, be sure again and get the best and most effective waterproofing in Auckland. Through this blog, you will know what it means to have waterproofing, what benefits it carries with it, and where the Auckland people can get cost-effective waterproofing. Once you go through this entire blog, you will be fully aware of protecting the roofs of your house. 

What happens when a building is not waterproofed?

Before moving ahead, you need to know the impact of no waterproofing. Well, water is important for your life but not for your walls. The dampening effect of water, along with its seepage, lets you fall into mayhem or no less than a complete mess. No waterproofing can challenge your survivability as any leakage of water can weaken the beam and walls of your house and let you go through frequent maintenance and repair-based work. Thus, there will be a huge financial burden on you periodically if your mind constantly advises you to seek a short-term solution. Well, to be precise, waterproofing is like a one-time investment. All you need to do is put your money and go for waterproofing. Once done, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s not less than insurance and assures you that your house is safe.

Importance of Waterproofing

Waterproofing is a process by which any flaws in a building are identified and sealed to prevent damage by water. In New Zealand, we have to worry about a wide range of natural elements that occur due to it being an island country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and can cause damage to structures, including cyclones, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes, all of which can be deadly and create a large-scale catastrophe to individuals and public property. However, the damage that natural disasters cause is not the only reason to waterproof your buildings. Many modern structures are built in the vicinity of highly populated areas, where they have to compete for space with local infrastructure. Waterproofing protects both the buildings and the surrounding areas from the safety risks that can lead to injuries and loss of life.

Cost of Waterproofing

Since it has already been discussed that waterproofing is a one-time investment, you will like to know the cost you need to take for waterproofing after you have decided that it is one of the way-out through which you can keep your house safe. The cost of waterproofing depends on the area of the roof and the unit price that any specialised agency offers for it. The basic range of cost of waterproofing in Auckland is somewhere between $25/ sq. metre and $45/ sq. metre. It is highly varying due to the amount of skill set, experience, number of projects handled to date, and brand value each of the firms offers waterproofing services.


The blog has tried to give an overview of waterproofing and what it means to get in an area like Auckland. However, before you think about waterproofing, you need to take care of many parameters and metrics. Once the checklist has all the ticks, you can choose the service of any organisation that gives more value to work ethics, the standard of practice, and will/quest to ensure that their work will satisfy customers like you.

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