Why Is It Prudent To Always Waterproof Your Home?

In the monsoon season, it’s almost impossible to avoid water dampness and seepage into your home. And if you don’t take care of such problems from the get-go, then your house will be subjected to serious health problems. If you want to prevent any negative effects of humidity, then you need to invest in proper waterproofing measures for your home.

Leakage can happen in the roof, basement, terrace and the like. So, it’s vital to look for the best professional services for waterproofing in Auckland to deal with such scenarios. Therefore, in this comprehensive topic, we’ll be explaining all the crucial reasons why it’s ideal to waterproof your home beforehand. 

What Is Meant By Waterproofing?

Waterproofing can be defined as a type of procedure that helps a certain surface to be impenetrable or resistant towards the entry of liquids or water so that the overall durability & strength of the structure can be preserved over time. Such a measure is widely seen in the design & construction industries so that the entry of moisture, rainwater and other sources of liquid can be stopped. 

There are multiple types of waterproofing methods and they are listed as follows:

  • Polyurethane liquid membranes
  • Bituminous coating
  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Sheet membranes

The Necessity Of Waterproofing

  • Flood Protection

If you live in an area where the chances of flooding are high and the monsoon or rainy season is quite destructive, then you need to ensure that your home is protected from any flood. With the help of waterproofing methods such as water-resistant sealant or operational drainage systems, you can easily protect your home from the impacts of flooding and thereby avoid the costs that you would have incurred for the repairs. 

  • Enhancement Of The Structural Integrity

There’s no denying that moisture can easily damage your property, especially in the long run. It can lead to cracks on the floors and walls, which can weaken the entire structure. Moreover, without proper waterproofing, your home’s basement can get compromised due to the influx of added moisture from the groundwater. As a result, the stability of your home’s foundation can get affected.

  • Property Damage Prevention

Apart from water damage, moisture influx can also lead to acid damage and spalling. Spalling is caused when the surface of concrete starts to chip away and thereby falls apart. Such a scenario can be a sign that your house needs waterproofing measures. On the other hand, acid damage is the formation of rust or brown-coloured stains on the walls & floors. Such an incident takes place when water flows over walls & floors, leaving mineral deposits in its tracks. 

So, if you do really care about your beautiful home, then there’s no reason to not waterproof the same. 

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