Should You Opt For Nitrogen-Filled Tubeless Tyres? Learn More

Back in the day, tubeless tyres were considered to be a premium upgrade for most vehicle owners. But, in the modern world, tubeless tyres have become a common feature for most vehicles out there. The benefits of using tubeless tyres far exceed the drawbacks and that’s the primary reason why vehicles these days come with tubeless tyres as standard. 

Benefits Of Tubeless Tyres

According to a reliable service provider for wheel alignment in Calgary, one of the major benefits of using tubeless tyres is that the breakdown that’s caused due to flat tyres is sufficiently reduced. Since there is no presence of an inner tube inside tubeless tyres, the tyre will get deflated at a slow pace. Hence, vehicle drivers can reach the nearby repair garage safely to fix the issue instead of getting stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

One of the other advantages of using tubeless tyres is that – they tend to run at a lower temperature than regular tyres, which greatly reduces tyre bursts and improves high-speed manoeuvres. The main reason why tubeless tyres remain cool is because of the presence of nitrogen. 

But, since air is 78 per cent nitrogen, whether using nitrogen in tubeless tyres does make any difference? Let’s find out. 

The Merits Of Using Nitrogen Inside Tubeless Tyres

  1. Pressure Is Retained For A Longer Period

It should be known that since tyres tend to leak air over an extended period, tyre pressure must be checked regularly. Low tyre pressure can affect the performance of the vehicle. If you drive your vehicle on low tyre pressure, then it can become a safety hazard on the road – not only for you but for others as well. 

However, it has been reported that if you fill your vehicle tyres with air that has at least 95 per cent of nitrogen – then it can help in retaining the tyre pressure for a longer period. This is because the molecular size of nitrogen is large, meaning that it will leak at a slower rate than dry air and thus reduce your tyre maintenance worries. 

  1. Better Fuel Economy

If your vehicle has properly inflated tyres, then your vehicle’s fuel economy will also increase. This is because the friction between the tyre and the road surface will get reduced. 

With the help of nitrogen-filled tubeless tyres, your vehicle tyres will be able to maintain the ideal PSI for a much longer duration than usual and thereby enhance the fuel economy over an extended period. 

  1. Metal Deterioration Is At A Slower Rate

The air that’s present inside a tubeless tyre will always stay in constant touch with the metal wheel. Thus, if there’s any contamination, such as exposure to moisture, the air can make the metal of the wheels deteriorate. Over time such a process can lead to weakening & rusting of the wheel. With the help of nitrogen-filled tyres, such an oxidation process is reduced and thus metal deterioration is lowered. 

Thus, it can be easily seen from the aforementioned pointers that nitrogen-filled tubeless tyres are the way to go. For more information, let us know. 

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