Points To Consider Before Vacating A Property


There is no denying that shifting to a rental property is a tedious task. When your lease period comes to an end, shifting all your things is a must. Get the property cleaned as its imperative especially to obtain your bond funds. Prepare a checklist of cleaning to ensure that the whole premises get thoroughly cleaned. There are endless things to focus on during this period and hence a checklist helps to keep a track on every little thing and saves your time too.

Firstly, the dirtiest regions need cleaning especially the areas that are highly prone to dust. Begin with the entrance of your home, the living area, the carpet and the rug areas. Once done, de-clutter the rooms, vacuum your upholsteries, and clear the counterparts with the help of a microfiber cloth. Ensure that you clean the bathroom and kitchen. Change the sheets of the bed, pillow covers, and bed linen of the bedroom.

Important Tasks To Be Performed

Vacuum Cleaning

The vacuum cleaning process effectively removes bacteria and viruses formed and also help to maintain the hygiene conditions. If the premises are huge and filled with dirt, the overall process of cleaning becomes a bit too challenging. In such scenarios, one of the best alternatives is to hire a professional vacate cleaning in Perth. By doing so, you can ensure that the beauty of the house remains intact like before.

Windows & Door Cleaning

One of the important tasks is to clean the muddy doors. With the help of a duster or a cloth, wipe clean the window glass and its blades to make it look cleaner. Use some household cleaner on the window and scrub nicely to get rid of the stains and grime. Wipe it off using clean water. As a result, the life of windows and doors is extended and the home looks brighter.


Before vacating the property don’t forget to include some paint and spackle. It is important to fill the wall holes and remove the stubborn stains. These factors largely help to obtain your bond fund back.

Bathroom & Kitchen Items

One of the toughest areas to clean is the bathroom especially when there are grease stains and drains clogged with hair. If left unclean, it can have a major impact on the drainage pipes.  Therefore, it is necessary to clean at regular intervals. To keep the area clean, try to clean the bathroom once a week. Use a floor cleaner and ensure that it’s all clean before you vacate the property. Some of the kitchen areas that require cleaning include the ceiling, floors, walls, tables and other equipment. Don’t forget the dirt stored under the refrigerators and cooking appliances. It does take a bit of your time to cover all the areas. If you wish to ease your problems, seek help through professional cleaning companies. Such companies ensure that your house looks cleaner and newer.

The key benefit of seeking services of skilled vacate cleaners, especially if you are planning to sell your property is that it gives a brand new look to the property. Also, it helps in fast-selling with the best market value. These professionals do a whole lot of cleaning tasks which includes

  • Vacuum every nook and corner of the house
  • Clean the kitchen benchtops, stove tops, and sinks
  • Clean the oven and make it spic and span from inside out.
  • Clean the tiled surfaces, exhaust fans and sinks

These are some of the cleaning activities performed by professionals that add to the beauty of your house.

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