How to Improve Productivity Of Your Photography Skills?


There’s no denying that wedding photography is indeed an amazing job to do. There’s a lot more action involved than what meets the eye because you get to tell extraordinary stories of brides & grooms, while also traveling to exotic locations around the world. You also get to meet beautiful people that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

But, you must remember that there’s also another part of the story that doesn’t get told much often and that’s the tedious desk job where you edit the photos & videos. So, how do you make your boring job an interesting one? Well, we are about to find out in this article – with the help of Adelaide hills photography services.

Tools That Will Improve Your Photography Productivity

  • Using Online Cloud File Sharing Services

Online cloud has become a thing nowadays, and even cloud gaming is on the rise as well. If you want to improve your production workflow, then you need to use online cloud services. The benefit is that – you don’t need to take your USB flash drive or your external hard drive wherever you go because you’ll have services such as Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive beside you. 

You can upload and store all your data on the cloud and thereby access it anywhere. Of course, you do require the internet, but that’s a minor inconvenience in 2020 where 5G is becoming the norm.

Moreover, you should remember that any changes that you make to your file will appear the same on all of your systems – basically eliminating the need for copy & paste. 

  • Using Photo Editing Software

There are multiple photo editing software options out there. If you want something basic, then you have software known as Irfan View. In case  you want something extraordinary,, there’s Adobe Photoshop along with Adobe Lightroom.

Nowadays, Photoshop & Lightroom image editing software options are even available on smartphones & tablets – allowing you to perform your job whenever you want – without any worries.


  • Using Video Editing Software

When talking about video editing software options, you don’t have many options, though. In case you’re on Windows, you can proceed to use either Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro. Both software options are powerful and can do any type of video editing you throw at it. However, you do need to have a powerful computer set up for the same too. 

On the other hand, if you’re using an Apple Mac OS device, then the only solution for you would be to use Final Cut Pro X.  It has been reported that Final Cut Pro X is much more optimised on Apple Macs than any other video editing software. 

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