Pros and Cons of Ceramic Paint Protection

A common practice for some car owners has been the application of Ceramic Paint Protection. It is a transparent coat that contains a liquid polymer. Often it has been a prerequisite for those who really enjoy their car as it protects the vehicle’s coating from various weather conditions, bird droppings, UV light and scratches. The ceramic coating not only prevents pollutants from ruining your paint, but it also speeds up the vehicle cleaning process. 

But not all that’s helpful is good, there’s always going to be a bad thing that might happen to the vehicle. So what are the benefits and drawbacks of your car getting ceramic paint protectors?


  • Hydrophobic characteristics

The protective layer of car paint is hydrophobic. This indicates the beading and runoff of liquids and toxins. So the dazzling luster of your paint job is easier to retain as it repels dirt, oils, dust, and stains.

  • Makes the car look amazing

Because it protects your car against any weather, specially rain. As we all know that the main enemy of a car is rain.

  • Saves Money

An unfortunate fact is that because of a lot of variables, your car won’t be as perfect as it was when you first bought it. That is why, depending on how much you use your car, you need to carry it to the car shop to get it repainted; maybe after every two or three years. To make it sparkle again, you may also want to have it waxed, but because car wax is sensitive to heat, it will melt and lose its impact soon. Hence, you need to carry it back to the shop and get it waxed again. 

For better use both ceramic and wax coats can take a significant amount of time. In the long run, though because of its superior finish and long life, the ceramic coating is much better than waxing as it’s also inexpensive. 


  • Takes Time

If you plan to use ceramic coating on your vehicle, be prepared to leave it for at least three days at the detailing shop. Also if not done properly or professionally, your car’s ceramic coating may look worse than the initial paint finish.

  • Costly application

A notable disadvantage of ceramic coating is that it can be expensive to apply. Depending on the type of coat and the method or procedure used, service providers charge from USD 800 to USD 2000. But some genuine businesses, including the detailing experts who provide car paint protection at Gold Coast, start their services merely from USD 695.

Thus by comparing these benefits and drawbacks of ceramic paint protection, the pros surely outweigh the cons. It is really advisable to do so to take care of your car if you have the cash for ceramic coating. There are several reputed car paint protection gold coast shops, such as The Detailing Experts, which provides ceramic coating of good quality and can fit your budget with the type of paint protection you want to have. 

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