The Common Coloured-concrete Problems and Their Solutions!

We all have poured this really economical but long-lasting and tough flooring in one of the places of our house. And since the concrete started appearing in whites, blacks, blues, pinks, in the aggregate finish, etc. the usage increased. Well, nowadays you’ll find almost half of your house having any one type of concrete and that area looks fab! Especially if you have opted for the coloured concrete! These have the power to look absolutely stunning in any kind of place. But wait, did something go wrong while installation or post this procedure?

Some coloured concrete issues and the solutions for them!

When we are talking about coloured concrete, we aren’t limiting them to the plain ones only. But even stamped and other patterns are included in these forms of concrete. Well, now let’s see the most common issues you face in your coloured concrete and their possible solutions.

  • The colour of the stamped concrete isn’t as expected – can it be changed? — It often happens that you expect some shade while laying the stamped concrete and the outcome is something entirely different. Don’t worry, the situation isn’t as irrevocable as it seems. You can easily change the shade of your stamped concrete even after laying it. You just have to get the desired stain, dye, or finish from the market, mix it as per the desirable shade (the guidance is provided in the product’s user manual) and then dry the surface completely before applying it evenly. You’ll notice a chance of colour immediately once the surface dries again. P.S. — or you can simply call a professional to carry out this task for you.
  • The coloured concrete has suddenly started turning white — We have often noticed this kind of problem in many homes. Once they install the coloured concrete in any part of the house, a patch or part of it starts turning white. This process is actually called efflorescence. In simple language – a chalky white substance (that is often present in cement) comes to the surface. And once this substance comes in contact with water, the reaction intensifies, and it becomes more visible. In such a situation only an expert in coloured concrete can help you recolour it perfectly. Just call the Gorillacon Concrete for coloured concrete driveway installation or when such tricky issues appear on the floor. They’ve got highly trained and skilled workmen dealing with all kinds of concrete regularly and perfectly.
  • Poor drainage causing the concrete sidewalk discolouration — Most of you think that since its concrete, you can place it anywhere and it would fight everything like a superman! Though it does that for quite some time, it doesn’t mean that it can bear the constant attack of moisture coming from the drains and irrigation both at the same time and still retain its fine colour! Some discolouration is natural. But if you want to solve this problem, you can start by fixing the leaking drains and then putting a waterproof sealant over the concrete. Both of these steps will halt the discolouration process.

These problems are specifically related to coloured concrete. We are sure even you would have faced them at some point or another. Now that you’ve got the solutions, tackling the issues would thankfully be really easy for you.

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