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Unknowingly, things enter our subconscious minds. We feel happy one day and then sad the next day. We often forget to lift ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life. Working for betterment is important – food, necessities and Veblen products. But, too often, we forget to eat well, drink water, and stay active. As Hem & Haw were, we are lost in the mazes of life. Rumi said, “What you seek is what you are seeking.” So, what are you looking for? As World Hypertension Day (17 May) passed, I suddenly began to do something about it. I decided to write to let others know.

Hypertension, according to WHO, is a serious medical condition that increases the risk of developing other diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Hypertension occurs when blood pressure becomes too high. Uncontrollable blood pressure affects around 23% of Indians. Dadi isn’t the only one saying; it’s no longer Dadi saying, “Haaye Ram!” We can make small changes to our lives to decrease hypertension, stress, obesity, and other conditions.

The secret to making big changes is to get up earlier than usual, drink more water and make your bed every morning. It can help us feel more optimistic and give us a sense that we are complete. We can now walk 500 additional steps each day using our smartphones. Let’s remember our late every time we eat fattening food. If we do these things for at least a month, we will feel more accomplished, confident, and loyal to ourselves. The secret is that our subconscious mind will begin to recognize them when we do them. Can you imagine how many times we forget to brush our teeth? We don’t usually forget to brush our teeth. We have been doing this for many years.

It makes us happy to plan something we love at the end of each day and helps us stay active. Even on bad days when we feel like crying, I advise you to do the thing. You will feel relieved and happy. Hypertension is the silent killer, and happiness is the silent creator. You can make yourself happy by creating hope, laughter, and other positive habits.

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