The Essential Things to Consider Before Opting for a Bathroom Remodelling Procedure


Whether you’re aiming for a simple bathroom or a master suite, the functionality should always be the key in this case, especially when opting to do any type of remodelling to your bathroom. There are indeed many options and tricks for improving the lighting, gaining more space inside the bathroom and even enhancing the drainage system as well. 

All of these renovations done with the help of bathroom renovations in Brisbane Northside services ensure that your bathroom stands the test of time and can be used for many years without you needing to spend on any repairs or further remodelling.

The Things To Consider When Opting For A Bathroom Remodel

  • The Plumbing

It has been reported that most residential plumbing systems generally uses 1-½ pipes for the drainage systems. But, if you look at the reality, you’ll easily find how much gunk and mess goes down that system on a per-day basis. Therefore, if the drain is made larger, it’s less likely that it will get clogged over time. The overall cost difference for upgrading to full 2-inch drainage pipes can almost seem negligible, until and unless the internal framing of your house doesn’t allow it all. Otherwise, you should always opt for bigger sized drainage pipes. 

Furthermore, if you’re living in an area where the winters and harsh and the temperatures drop below the freezing point, your water pipes mustn’t get frozen. To combat these issues, the water pipes should be routed through the inside of the home.

  • The Lighting

When thinking about lighting fixtures, the best way to go about this issue is to consider recessed lighting fixtures into your ceiling for brightening up your room. You can include one or two of them inside your shower and thereby adjust the overall mood of the bathroom as well.

You’ll also need to think about the use of mirrors inside your bathroom as well – whether it’s for functional purposes or aesthetics. In case you’re thinking of shaving or applying make-up in your bathroom, then opting for functional, large-sized mirrors are a must. 

  • The Bathroom Cabinets

The best way to do bathroom cabinets is to make them recessed into the wall. This is indeed a great way to save space, particularly if your bathroom is small. Even saving a half-inch of space can go a long way. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend additionally on the outward-side framing as well. 

In case the above solution is not an option, then you need to ensure that you have enough space for a bathroom cabinet and then proceed with the same. Most cabinets when opened protrude almost five inches from the wall.

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