Practical maintenance tips to increase the lifespan of your car


Anything that comes into being requires regular maintenance. Missing this often shortens the lifespan of those. Similarly, once you buy a new car, no matter what model or brand it is, it requires regular maintenance to keep it going. Not even the company manufacturing limousines claim that you don’t have to look after it once you buy the vehicle. It is important because the long life and the proper functioning of your cars depend upon how well you look after them and service them at the required intervals.

Car maintenance tips to follow under all circumstances for it’s a longer life

Whether you have just woken up from a deep slumber or recently bought a new car, it is very important that you take a look at the below-listed maintenance tips of the same in order to enjoy its longer life and better benefits. Otherwise, it won’t take time for your exclusive car to turn into junk that’s worth giving away to cash for cars in Auckland. Mega Car Collection is one such auto wrecking company that picks up such vehicles from the spot and recycles them, paying you cash for them upfront.

  • Don’t overload the car beyond the limit — Whether it is the passenger or the luggage, it is not at all wise to overload it beyond its certain capacity. You’ll find the vehicle showing major issues within a very short period of time if you do so.
  • Use medium acceleration — Pressing the accelerator too much or over-speeding the vehicle always shortens its life. If you really want your vehicle to drive smoothly and want it to live longer than expected, then ensure that you are always using the accelerator on an average level.
  • Never race your car’s engine when starting it — If you want to know the magical tip to add years to your car, then follow this step religiously. Never race your car’s engine immediately when you are turning the ignition on. This will prevent the direct pressure that you often put on the engine because of this step (which is why its life suffers).
  • Maintain your tyres regularly — Do you know, not just the smooth ride of your car and even its long life is dependent on how you keep the car’s tyres? Yes, if the tyres are not inflated properly and regularly, you might face a serious accident amidst the drive. And apart from this, even the steering wheel suffers alterations in its proper working.
  • Never pressurise the car when you’re stuck — Sometimes the damage that happens to your vehicle is because you often get stuck in stone or mud and tend to pressurise the car to move forward. Your regular maintenance also involves avoiding any such step that impacts the engine directly.
  • Occasional changing of fluids — Whether it is the fuel that you use in the car or the coolant of the engine or brake oil, ensure that you are changing them frequently so that they don’t cause problems in the prominent parts of your car.

Apart from these crucial matters, also remember that cleaning your vehicle very frequently is important if you want to see it fine and in excellent condition for a long time. 

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