Tips & Tricks To Consider During The Pre-Construction Stage

There’s always a preconceived notion that the process of construction is easy, i.e. you only need to hire labourers, architects, plumbers, electricians and the like, and your job will be done. However, the truth is far from that because before the actual construction process starts, there’s also a planning stage, which is known as the pre-construction phase. 

But, what does the pre-construction phase include? Well, in this comprehensive topic, we’ll be talking you through every bit of detail that’s included in the pre-construction phase, so that you can have a clearer idea about the same. 

Tips To Follow During The Pre-Construction Stage

1. Always Obtain The Land Clearance First

As per professional construction builders, the first major task that you have to complete is to gain the acquisition of the construction site. You need to complete all the legal procedures after which you’ll be termed as the legal owner of the land. Moreover, you should know that unless you have the land in your name, you cannot apply for any sort of financing help – either loans or mortgages. 

Make sure to complete the legal proceedings as fast as you can, so that you can get your construction project underway. 

2. Acquire Financing 

It’s simply impossible to complete a construction project if your financing sources are not that strong, to begin with. Therefore, your finance must match the size of your construction project. You cannot expect to pull off a large construction project if your financing is small and vice-versa. Thus, make sure that your financing sources will deliver the money that you’ll be needing throughout the project, on time. 

Obtaining the financing plan will also ensure that you set clear milestones for the construction project to be completed and thus get an overall idea as to the duration of the project. 

3. Obtain The Approval Of Your Local Municipality Or Government

Before you decide to kick start any construction project, approval of your local government or municipality is very important. You cannot start the project unless you have clear approval from these local bodies on a stamped paper.

To obtain the approval of your local municipality, you have to present a set of documents containing the following:

  • The building plans & drawings (about the local building rules & regulations)
  • The construction team along with their relevant licenses 
  • The safety & health-related assurance
  • The precautions that will be followed during the construction project

4. Clearance Of The Construction Site & Installation Of Required Safety Measures

Before the start of the construction process, clearance should be carried out on the surrounding space, so that there are no difficulties encountered during the project. Furthermore, you need to ensure that trucks carrying all the construction materials should reach the construction site easily. 

Any accidents may legally stall the project, so you need to make sure that all the safety measures are in full throttle. 

5. Proper Project Management Procedure

Time & effort must be invested in proper project management practices to ensure that the construction project has the relevant plans to be executed seamlessly & efficiently without issues. 

Activities, targets and speed-up techniques should be in place before the project kicks off so that everyone knows what to do. 

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