Termite Inspection: Benefits & Control Options


Termites are insects that feed the wood and other cellulose items which can harm commercial and residential buildings. Two kinds of termites most commonly found by homeowners include the swarmer and the worker. The worker termites are found when a mud foraging tube breaks or when an infested wood breaks open. They are creamy in colour. As far as the swarmers are concerned, they are black or dark brown. Workers can be seen throughout the year, but swarmers mostly emerge in March and April. As a result, there is a lot of scope for companies offering services of the home inspection in Brooklyn.

Significance of Termite Inspection

The major advantage of getting a termite inspection done for your residential and commercial premises is to get rid of termite activity. When you purchase a property, it is important to get the termite inspection done for maintenance of the structures that are specially made of timber. Flooring, stairs, walls, cupboards, roof, and other fittings are some of the items where timber exists. Besides, fences and other external fittings also have termite activity taking place and hence termite inspection is crucial.  

Options to Control Termite

Some of the best termite inspection companies use various techniques such as moisture meters, thermal imaging lenses and visual inspection. These devices help to detect termite activity mostly hidden under wall cavities. The termite inspection activity is done on a property which already has a termite infestation and uses chemical barrier techniques like bait and dust. Sentricon is the baiting systems used by the inspectors. It is an activity which has now become the best alternative and most people prefer this kind of treatment to eradicate termite activity. When it comes to barrier treatments, there is a process of chemical application that takes place. It works as workers collect them and transfer it to the nest and thereafter they die.

Termite Inspection Process

A termite inspection typically involves meticulous scrutiny of a property that identifies the following:

  • Existing damage and present termite activity
  • The risk involved due to infestation
  • Steps to reduce termite infestations
  • A quotation for termite treatment

Factors to Consider During Termite Inspection

It is important to know what to consider during a termite inspection. Though most professionals are highly skilled to detect the existence of a termite, here are some points you should pay attention to:

Swarming Signs

If you find swarms inside your home, it indicates that the structures have been infested due to termites. Look for interior swarms near the doors, windows and more as these are lighted areas which termites get attracted to.

Mud Tubes

Look for tunnels made of wood cellulose, soil and other materials situated close to the foundation of the house, in the attic, chimneys, piper or others areas. These indicate the presence of termites. The foundation may have some cracks which are yet another sign of the existence of termites.

Damaged Wood Beams

Termite inspectors are experts to identify termite activity and hence they use their techniques such as tapping on the wood using millet. If a beam is sounding hollow, it indicates that the termites are present on the wood. Another technique to identify the termite activity is to check an open beam with signs of groves inside.

Walls with Higher Moisture Content

A moisture meter is used to identify the level of moisture on the walls, windows or around the doors. If the level is higher, it could be a sign of termite activity.

Thus, these are some of the signs to look for if you suspect termite activity in your residential or commercial property. 

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