Why Vaping Pens Are Better Than Other Vaping Devices


Vaping is the fastest growing trend in the world. Because of its power to let smokers give up their addiction, it has gained more popularity. There have been even the proof saying that it is better than smoking in all contexts. Also, Its benefits for better health have been unveiled too.

When vaping brings out so much of benefits for the heath, its ultimate advantage, that is, granting pleasure and satisfaction to the vapers can’t be sidelined. Most of the vapers aren’t concerned a lot about its health benefits. They are more concerned about the satisfactory feel it provides. To gain this, they even select the best options available in the vaping devices for them. 

 Vape pens v/s other vaping devices 

There are numerous vaping devices available, of which some are portable while others are not! These are further divided into vaping pens, which are portable pen-like vaping devices used by vapers largely. And the other is a pod, a slightly larger vaping device that has a slightly complex structure, but is also portable. There are even more varieties of vaping devices available in the market in all sizes, colours and budget. Still, there are some differences in basic properties and the manner in which they are used. Which makes one more preferable than the other. Let’s read why vaping pens are considered as the best one from the list! 

  • Vaping pens are more like a cigarette — Mostly called an e- cigarette, vaping pen even looks like a cigarette. It is a pen structured vaping device that is easy to hold and almost weightless. Thus, a smoker who has just quit smoking, gets the feel of holding a cigarette. This helps the person to quit smoking better and easily. While the other vaping pods can be slightly thicker or even heavier, making them more complex to hold and use. Also, the extra weight adds to the inconvenience of holding and carrying it.
  • Vaping pens are disposable — A vaping pen can be used once and can be disposed off later. No strings attached! Hence, no hassle to carry it anywhere you go. That is the reason vape Pen in NZ from Vapemate are gaining favouritism. They have extensive varieties, disposable ones, easy and ready to use ones, and are clearly in your budget. They even have an answer to all your vaping needs (which can be found under one place easily). On the contrary, the other pods aren’t disposable and need proper carrying and timely maintenance. They also need a regular cleaning done, which can be a really messy job. And since some of the pods are really heavy and huge, they need a large place to fit in.
  • Easy to use — A Vaping pen is basically easy to use and doesn’t need any kind of complex operating for the same. While the other vaping devices require battery installation, timely coil changing, putting in liquids, etc. which can be a real hassle. These vaping pens are preloaded, and just need a click to switch them on and use.
  • Pocket-friendly— As a vaping pen is thinner, has a lightweight body, it thus includes a lesser amount of liquid. This makes it less expensive than other vaping devices. This makes it more famous around the young vapers who can easily buy it with their pocket money. While other pods and vaping devices can cost you really big! Not to forget the add on expenses of the e- liquids, weeds, battery, coil, etc. 
  • Available in a large variety — There can be vaping pens of all colours and sizes. This makes it all the more attractive. And since it’s disposable, you can easily match the colour of your outfit. The other vaping devices are slightly limited in shapes, sizes and colours. And if those are the desktop ones, they aren’t at all available in any other colour or shape.

All these factors make the vaping pen a must-have device for your vaping cravings. These can be really non-taxing, easy to acquire, really convenient to maintain and also fits in your pocket. When vaping is made so much fun and easier, the need to go back to smoking and harm your health through it doesn’t arise. 

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