6 Areas Of Your House That Ask For Water Blasting Cleaning!


Your house is your favourite spot. The gardens, the deck, the lounger in your patio, and your rocking chair near your window – they all have their own role to soothe your soul. But what if these areas started looking shabby, dusty and dull? Will they still rejuvenate you?

A home looks fine and feels like a haven when it’s beautiful, organised and clean. No matter how much you spend on its interiors or exteriors, if you are not maintaining it, then, over time, it’s going to repel you! The dust and dirt accumulation is enough to steal its beauty entirely. Often, we keep the interiors clean, but the exteriors suffer the most. There’s a lot of exposure to dirt, dust, weather and insects’ attacks here, and still its neglected most of the time. 

 The sections of your home that needs timely water blasting! 

Wondering how to tackle all the dirt and grime on your home? Try water blasting! Water blasting is when you clean the areas of your home that have accumulated a lot of dirt on it by forceful water washing. This is mostly done on the exteriors of your home. Your home looks cleaner, better, shinier, get an increased curb appeal and increase in property value because of his cleaning. For the best water blasting in Auckland contact Pro Water Blasting, who are experienced in cleaning even the complex sections of your home through their power blasting service. They guarantee the best and satisfactory results in all kinds of cleaning. Let’s read about which areas of your home deserve a water blasting cleaning regularly —

  • Exterior walls — The exterior walls of your home make the first impression. If it’s clean, shiny and attractive, it captivates the onlookers. Further, it also adds to the curb appeal of your property. Even your buyers are attracted largely if the exterior walls are gleaming. But the dust that gets stuck on the wall, after effects of rains etc. can make it look old and dusty. A good application of water blasting on it can make it look new and shiny. Also, if you desire to repaint this area and want to take care of the peeling paint or rust, water blasting works great to prepare the base. 
  • Deck — Your deck is a widely used section of your home. You tend to almost live a parallel life in the outside space over here. There can be a large accumulation of dust and dirt over this area too. And if it’s a wooden deck, there has to be more care taken to clean it. Water blasting on the decks will bring about a shiny and cleaner space outside your home. You can even consider water blasting here before or after holding a barbecue party or gathering.
  • Roof — Your roof needs utmost attention when it comes to cleaning. Since it’s the protective surface of your house, it is prone to all sorts of dirt settling on its top. There can even be mould and debris on it which again become quite grimy and sticky. It’s best to clean your gutters and get it unclogged before going for water blasting, so that the whole area gets thoroughly cleaned.
  • Pathway and driveways — Connected to your home, if the driveways are not cleaned, this is going to affect your home and its appeal too. With the exits and entrances connected to this space, the dirt and germs are bound to enter the house. Getting it cleaned leaves a spic and span path leading towards your home.
  • Garage — Your garages are home for your car. As your car travels a lot, there is a lot of dirt and germs accumulating on its tyres.  These get passage into your garage (and consequently to your home or work place too!). Not to forget the untidiness that is the result of cleaning or repairing the car in the same space. Also, since your garage door stays mostly shut, the mould formation out here is also huge. Your garage obviously needs a good session of water blasting on it and that too at regular intervals.
  • Windows — Your Windows often get stained and and blurred because of harsh climatic conditions and dust. Also, if the window isn’t cleaned for a long time, it affects the natural light coming in to your home. This can be cleaned only through water blasting, as the force of water clears up the tough stains on it and the spots caused by rain.

Water blasting can also be effective on any area of your house that has algae build up on it, or if there’s a case of rust and stains that otherwise can’t be cleaned easily. Water blasting brings out proper and complete cleaning of your home within the least time. That is why it is recommended and opted by most people around the world.

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