5 painting must-haves for your next DIY interior paint job!

Painting is one of the most cost-efficient ways to spruce up any dull, boring room. A painting job well-done could give your entire home a much needed facelift. But if you think painting is a piece of cake, you might need to give it a second thought. Going the DIY route for painting your home doesn’t require you to know rocket science, but there are certainly some rules and tips. Not following these, will result in you staring at a big mess of a room (instead of the dream room you had envisioned)!  And even more importantly, these tips are the tools that you need to use.

Without the correct tools, no amount of tips or techniques is going to come in handy. So, after you have decided on the perfect colour to deck up the walls of your room, you need to go shopping for some must-have tools. Painting your homes can be super exciting, fun and liberating. In no time, you will have converted your home into a new, beautiful, clean, refreshing space. But, if you aren’t too sure about your painting skills, you don’t need to worry. You could just call over some professional interior painters in Auckland, Home Smart has their experienced team of painters who will bring your home back to life. Simply by giving a fresh coat of paint on the walls, your home will look as good as new.

Must-have tools for a DIY painting job

House painting seems like a great place to start, if you are planning to give your home a fresh, new look. But, just like the rest of us, if you are new at this thing, or going the DIY route the first time ever, you will find yourself stumped at the numerous painting tools to choose from. Painting may seem to be an easy DIY job, and it could actually be easy, but only if you have the correct tools in hand. So, let’s see what the must-haves are to get this job done perfectly:

  • Painter’s tape: You might be thinking this isn’t necessary, but it is. Place painter’s tape properly and in plenty around the windows and areas where you don’t want the paint to reach. Once the painting is done with, you could simply peel off the tape, giving way to clean, and crisp lines.
  • Painting trays: You no longer have to battle with your metal painting trays to clean of the paint off them. You could use plastic reusable or throw away kinds and there are certain trays which could hold up to an entire gallon of paint. You could also use pans which fit the size of your rollers. So, depending on your needs, get the correct type of painting pan/tray.
  • Extension pole: Are you not very gifted in the height department? Or you simply don’t prefer standing on ladders? Well, that’s perfectly fine, as extension poles shall come to your rescue. They will help you to get your roller to all the high places you want to be.
  • Drop cloths: With the help of drop clothes, you don’t have to worry about shifting every piece of furniture out of the room. You don’t have to risk paint spills on the floor either. They are an easy, affordable, and safe way to cover everything in the room and protect them from accidental spillages.
  • Brushes/rollers: And as obvious as it may seem, you definitely need the correct brushes and rollers to get the painting job done right. Standard rollers are best suited for large walls whereas the smaller ones are fit for tight areas. Acrylic bristle brushes are needed when you are using latex paint while natural bristle brushes are meant for oil-based paints.

So, these were five of the most important tools which you need to stock up on, before you try your hand at your next home painting project. Whether this is your first time painting a wall or you are already an old pro, these are the tools that you just can’t do without.

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