All You Need To Know About Venetian Plaster

In case you’re unaware then you must learn that Venetian plaster is a type of plaster that’s required to obtain a highly polished wall finish, almost akin to marble. This type of plaster contains marble dust and lime putty. Using such a plaster you can easily create a well-polished ceiling, wall, and surface. Venetian plaster is often known as marble plaster as well. 

Thus, if you want your home to have stunning-looking interiors, then you should opt for Venetian plaster. It can easily light up your home interiors with a promising finish that you can enjoy for multiple years. Once you plaster your walls & ceilings with Venetian, the surfaces will look like natural marble surfaces. 

The Process Of Applying Venetian Plaster

According to reliable exterior plasterers in Auckland, if you’re planning to implement Venetian plaster inside your home for your walls & ceilings, it’s always suggested to hire someone skilled & experienced. This is because not everyone can burnish this type of plaster unless the person is a skilled craftsman. 

Moreover, this plaster is applied to obtain highly polished surfaces, which means unless you know the correct application procedure, you’ll not be able to obtain the required polished surface. 

The best thing about Venetian plaster is that – you don’t need special tools for the same. Only the tools that you’ll need for your putty coating & painting needs will be enough, such as paintbrushes, paint rollers and so on. Hence, you can classify Venetian plaster as a kind of paint coating. 

The process starts by sealing any holes or cracks on the wall or ceiling surfaces and then applying Venetian plaster over the same. 

Protection & Safety To Practice When Applying Venetian Plaster

It should be known that Venetian plaster is not good for the human skin. Thus, you have to use gloves, if you’re planning to apply the Venetian plaster via the DIY process. If the Venetian plaster falls on your skin, then it can simply irritate your skin. Moreover, it will take time to eliminate the plaster from your skin. 

Besides, when you’re burnishing the ceilings & walls with Venetian plaster, remember to wear goggles because the paint fumes from Venetian plaster can irritate your eyes as well. Additionally, don’t forget to wear a full-length shirt & trousers along with a hat to protect your head, so that any negative impact of splatters can be reduced. 

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the heyday, it all depends on your choice of whether you want to go the DIY route with Venetian plaster or hire someone experienced to do the same. Whatever choice you end up making, rest assured that Venetian plaster is worth your investment. 

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