Learn how decorative lights can change the look and feel of your home


When it comes to home décor, good lighting can make a lot of difference. It shapes the mood as well as the ambiance of the space. If you wish to reinvent your abode with the right lighting then the following tips can help.

  • Be Mindful of the Ceiling Height: Hanging light fixtures have become very popular and are being used in various homes. They add a classy touch to any room and enhance its appearance. Some lights have cables and rods which you can adjust but this is not the case mostly. This is why you should measure the ceiling height before buying the decorative lights. A light that hangs too low or too high would negatively affect the appearance.
  • Planning the Lights Right Before the Construction Begins: Let us say you wish to have three wooden pendant lights Australia in your kitchen, you would have to plan it way before the construction actually starts. This is because it might involve a lot of fixtures and installations which you would need to be prepared for. If you are looking for permanent changes in the lighting then planning it way before is a good idea.
  • Dealing with the Wires: Not all wire fixtures are going to look aesthetically pleasing. If you have a hanging lamp with no idea what to do with the wires, you can simply twirl them around to create a design of it. Wrap them in a stylish way around a bar or even a hook. You can also give it an industrial look by securing the cord tight to the ceiling.
  • Choose the Right Type of Light bulb: It is not always about the type of lighting, but the bulb you use is also important. You can choose from options of compact fluorescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. They have a lot of warm and cool hues. Decide the type of glow you want. You can have a white colored light in the living room along with a yellow light in the bedroom. What you choose also depends on the walls as well as the décor of your rooms.
  • Use Light Near Stairs: According to architectural lighting Melbourne, you should light up the area near your staircase to make it look amazing. It helps a lot during night time and when there is less sunlight coming in. Moreover, it is a very creative way of lighting up the stairs. The staircase lights add a unique element of design that enhances the appearance of your interior.
  • Colorful Lighting: have you ever considered using colorful lighting? If you wish to add a beautiful look to any dull room without tweaking the furniture then add some colorful lighting to it. It could be as attractive as a bright red lamp or even a multicolor lamp for your nightstand. Got a favorite color? Why not buy a light that has your favorite color. It will simply make the ambiance look all the more appealing.
  • Toe-ticking Lights: Don’t think that toe-ticking lights are only good for aesthetics. As a matter of fact, they can be really useful when you wish to get something from the kitchen in the night. These lights would act as an alternative for night bulbs.
  • Light up the Shelves: wish to add dramatic lights to your décor? Why not try adding the decorative lights in the shelves. You can also have these lights in the living room or even in the kitchen. Each row can have an inbuilt colorful light which will make the entire shelf stand out and look amazing. Want to take the lighting game to the next level? Try to incorporate it within the closet.

Thus, you can use decorative lighting almost everywhere in your abode.  From adding multicolor lights to the kitchen to incorporating toe-ticking lights, there are a lot of options you can choose from.


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