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I just want to share my review with the authority site back link experiment I have done for the past 3 months. I first heard about this authority sites of Angela Edwards last April, I decided to join to her list and pay $5 each month to receive list of 30 authority sites per month.

Since then I started to used those list provided by Angela, I noticed that my sites position for all the long tailed keywords I am targeting rank faster and higher than ever before. This is not a hype, it’s really work. Here is one of the keyword I targeted is business letter sample from no where my site ( is now rank number 1 for that keyword out of 34,200,000 competitor. I really don’t expect to rank number one or even move my site at google first page for that keyword in less than 3 months.

But the only problem in building or getting back link from those authority sites is time consuming when I said time consuming it takes 4 hours for me to complete the 30 Authority site back links. If you have lot of time to do it manually well no problem with that.

Lately, peter drew release his new software Bruteforce Linking Authority Site , a software that semi automates all the process. With this software you don’t need to step by step follow the instruction of Angela’s manual because the software will do all the task for you. I really love the software, I am not saying this because I am affiliate but I am saying this because I am using the software. It’s been a month now since I started using the software and I may say enough time for me to test how it works. And the result? Same with manual process. The the advantage is that instead of spending 4 – 6hours doing it manually I now only spending 35-45 minutes to complete one process.

Try it your self, you will only loose $1 if you don’t like how the software works, or if it doesn’t satisfy your need. But I guarantee you when you see the result you will not give up this software.

If you want to try the software here is my affiliate link try it your self as I mentioned you will only loose $1. You can then use the software full time in 5 days enough time for you to get quality back links from authority sites.


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