Write Regular Posts To Your Blog Even If They’re Meaningless!

If you’re blogging for fun eventually you will make some money from your blog…

Of course you’ll have to have something on your blog that you’re promoting – affiliate product offers, adsense ads, other forms of advertising, etc. But still eventually you will get some traffic that’s buying something if you’re posting regularly.

Having fun is really the key here. It becomes a “job” if you’re only thinking of making money. Not too many bloggers really want to work another job.

If You’re Having A Good Time Blogging – You Will Learn How To Make Money For Your Efforts!

Each day I learn something new about blogging successfully. The whole point of blogging, (in my opinion), is to write posts that will draw readers to my blog. But just writing posts, even if they’re interesting isn’t often enough. You have to follow some modern procedures for bringing enough traffic to your blog to even make posting to it worthwhile. Believe me… it’s no fun writing posts that nobody is ever going to read.

But learning how to get traffic to your blog can also be interesting and fun. Plus it’s a skill that once you’ve learned it – you will be able to make money consistently for your blogging efforts. I know this is a fact because my income from blogging is always rising.

But getting back to the original subject of having fun while you’re blogging; “if you’re not having fun… it will become a job and you will have much trouble writing posts on a consistent schedule”.

I have found the best way for me to write regular posts is to START writing. Once I start I can usually think of something that is at least worth saying.

But the main point here is this; You have got to make regular posts to your blog or it won’t go far in the search engines and therefore nobody is probably going to read what you write.

If you have a blog… post to it regularly even if you do not have anything to write about! Much of the time, you will find something to say, but even if the post you write is basically meaningless… It’s better than not posting at all.


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