How Often Should You Clean Your Roofs? Know From The Experts

Nowadays, the process of roof cleaning has become a major component of an all-home exterior maintenance schedule. Every professional roof cleaning contractor out there wholeheartedly agrees that maintaining & cleaning your roof is the best way to extend its life. For instance, you have to keep your roof free of debris, keep the gutters clean, repair or replace any missing shingle and so on. 

However, it should be known that roof cleaning is a type of job that we never suggest any homeowner try out. It’s extremely tedious and dangerous. That’s why it’s always a better choice to leave the roof cleaning task to the professionals who have the correct tools & expertise to complete the process. Now, the question remains, how often should you clean your roof? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss, so just sit back, enjoy and continue reading. 

At What Frequency Should You Clean Your Roofs?

According to professional services for roof cleaning in Auckland, the question of how often you should be cleaning your house’s roof has multiple answers depending on the scenarios. The overall condition of your roof will either extend or lower its lifespan, which means that – if you can pay attention to your roof in the long term, then you’ll be able to save money. Moreover, the type of roof that you’ll have will also determine the type of cleaning that you’ll require. 

Some of the other factors that can affect the frequency of your roof cleaning schedule are the weather in your area, your home surroundings, the overall age of your roof and whether your roof has sustained any damages in the past. 

For example, if your roof has concrete tiles that are brushed & flat with a rough finish, then your roof will require frequent cleaning procedures every two to three years. On the other hand, if your roof has asphalt composite shingles, then your roof will not require any cleaning at least for the next seven years. Therefore, it all depends on the roofing material along with the other factors mentioned above. 

Proper Reasons To Get Your Roof Cleaned

  • Cleaning your roof will remove various types of organisms such as lichens, algae, and moss. These organisms feed off your roof shingles and thereby damage the surface of the shingles over time.
  • Prevent any rotting of wood due to the existence of moss, algae, and lichens. Cleaning your roof also prevents mold growth.
  • If your roof is covered with moss and lichens, then it will not reflect sunlight efficiently. As a result, all the heat will be absorbed, which will increase the temperature of your home interiors.
  • Improve the curb appeal of the roof of your house. 

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