Easiest Hacks to Unclog Jammed Drains!

Accept it or not, we have all been there!  The clogged drains create a mess around you, and you stand amidst the chaos praying that the water should go down. Well, you often wonder what you did wrong for the plumbing Gods to go against you. And do you know what is more frustrating than this? It is witnessing a clogged kitchen wash basin! Well, the suffering is the same, but it is too much in this case. The foul smell, the irritating water around you — and you feeling like puking — clogged drains can actually be your biggest nightmare!

Instant hacks to get rid of clogged drains!

You may have missed the signs, but clogged drains just don’t happen suddenly. Your drains clearly show signs by water going down it slowly and getting blocked in between. The wisest thing to do in such cases is to contact Casabene Drain Cleaning for drain cleaning in Melbourne. No matter how clogged your drains are, they’ll solve the issue in a jiffy and help you get free flowing water down the pipelines easily. But in case you want to try the urgent hacks at home, then you have to check the list below.

  • The old fashioned plunger — We often saw our grandmas using the plunger in case of clogged drains. Well, it may be old fashioned, but the remedy is fantastic. The plunger creates a strong pressure on the clogged drain and forces the stuck items in it to go down making way for the water to freely flow in the drain. So, if you are in an urgent situation, just bring out that old fashioned plunger and treat your clogged drains easily with it.
  • The magical salt, baking soda, and vinegar technique – It is trending and one solution that almost every YouTube channel and hack videos will show you on the Internet. Whenever the clogged drains are bothering you, just use a fistful of salt, half a cup of baking soda and a full cup of vinegar and pour down the drain. You will see the immediate action against the impurities in it and the drain will be totally normal again.
  • The hook hack —This is a bit messy, but very convenient if you don’t have any professional to help you in cleaning the drains. Just take out a hanger or a wire and fold it like a hook and pass it through the drain.  Stay ready to collect the garbage coming from the drain in a disposal bag and then the water flows like before.
  • The hot water solution— Well, water has a solution for everything. Even the clogged drains! Just heat a kettle full of water on your stove and pour it down the drain.  But remember, if you have porcelain tiles, then don’t try this technique as the tiles may break because of the high temperature of the water.

These hacks have proved to be very efficient and effective on clogged drains. You can get rid of the problem instantly with their help. But even after trying these hacks if your issue isn’t resolving, then it’s best to call the professional experts in drain cleaning and let them do the task for you.

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