How Can Leather Repair Services Benefit You?


A leather sofa that has been well loved will retain its charm and comfort. However, a sofa that is worn out can give off a completely different look. Cleaning companies also offers leather repair services that you can rely upon if your leather sofa or chair is showing its age.

Our specialists use top-quality materials to repair surface damage and recreate the leather grain and shine on your furniture.

No matter if you are looking to restore a leather sofa or stool, poufs, or paneling, our finishers can help.

Alexander Christian has a team professional craftsmen that can assist you with any problem with leather furniture.

Your leather furniture will look like new with the right skills and workmanship.

Leather repair services are available to repair or cover:

  • Cracks and scuffs
  • Scratches, tears and holes
  • Burn marks
  • Nail varnish remover and pen marks
  • Broken stitching
  • Stains
  • Re-colouring
  • Conditioning and cleaning

Reupholstered Leather Furniture: The Benefits

Don’t despair if your leather sofa is beyond repair. They can do the impossible. You have many benefits from our reupholstering services:

Recolouring, repairing and restoring old leather furniture can save you money.

Make your furniture look brand new again with professional leather repair. Your leather items will be redesigned, keeping their original look and price without incurring any unnecessary costs.

Furniture longevity guaranteed – Our leather specialists can repair your furniture to extend its life expectancy and save you money in the long term.

Leather furniture requires more maintenance than other types. We offer repair services that will ensure your furniture is in good condition. They are cleaned regularly to make them more resistant to future damage.

Our leather repair shop will help you if you have already identified signs that your furniture may need leather repairs.

Why not trust us?

Our clients are the ones who set us apart. We strive for the best quality craftsmanship. We are known for fixing the impossible because of our years of experience and knowledge.

We also work with Trading Standards of North Wales to provide you with the best leather repair service right here.


How can you fix leather that is damaged?

Olive oil or baby oil can be used to repair small tears and scratches on leather sofas or car seats. For more severe damage or rips, consult upholstery specialists for sofa and car seat restoration.

What is the cost of repairing a leather sofa?

It all depends on how badly damaged your leather sofa is. For a single leather injury, leather repair costs typically run around PS75 to PS120.

What can I do to repair my leather sofa?

A leather repair kit can be used to fix cuts, cracks and peeling areas. If you feel that it requires a more professional treatment, an upholstery renovation is the best option.

What’s bad for leather furniture?

Acetone is the most dangerous chemical for leather. You should call an upholstery service provider if you accidentally spill this substance on leather furniture.

Is it possible to repair leather furniture that is cracked?

You can repair any leather-covered chair or car seat. To repair deep cracks in leather seats or sofas, dye and leather filler are used.

Why does leather start to peel?

Leather peeling occurs when the material is stretched. A trusted expert can restore your car’s interior if leather is separating from the seat.

Is it more expensive to reupholster than to buy new pieces?

An upholstery restoration service can be a cheaper option than purchasing a new set of sofas. For furniture of exceptional value, restoration is highly recommended.

Here are some helpful tips for restoring a leather sofa that has been cracked.

Oil, moisture, dirt, oil, and dirt can cause leather couches to crack or peel. It is possible to repair small cracks in your furniture, and these leather lounge repairs brisbane costs can help you save money.

To help the fibers stick together, first apply three to five layers (or more) of leather binding to the furniture’s surface with a sponge.

Be sure to remove any excess binder from the surface and allow it to dry completely before you apply another layer.

Use a sponge to apply a thin layer leather colorant to your sofa. Finally, apply a leather finish to your sofa. It is advisable to hire a professional in leather repairs in Mold if you have more severe damage.

How to Clean Leather Sofas

To save yourself a trip to your local Leather Repair shop, it’s important to maintain and clean your leather sofa.

Check the label first. This will help you to identify the right products and the best method of cleaning your furniture.

For a quick clean, if your sofa is made of leather, you can use mild soap. A solution of white vinegar and water can be used.

If your leather couch is prone to stains, it might be time to call the professionals.

If you’re about to type “find leather repairs company” into your search engine – stop! You have already found the best. Their friendly staff will be there to help you every step. We are looking forward to hearing from your!


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