How To Choose The Right Tiles For Your Bathroom?


Though choosing bathroom tiles sound easy, it involves a bit of planning. You ought to have an in-depth look at your bathroom first and analyse your priorities. For instance, is it small or large, is it for children or grown-ups, do you prefer scrubbing or high maintenance, and many more questions?

Simple planning will save future chaos and confusion. And so, we have got some of the best tips to help you select perfect bathroom tiles. You can have an image in your mind as to how your bathroom should look like with the tiling and other components. 

  • You ought to plan a must-have tile in your mind

Whether you are aware of bathroom tiles or not, you should have a tile in your mind for your dream bathroom. So, you can use this dream tile as your initial point and then move towards the other décor parts. 

  • Try to add two more tiles to the bathroom – Rule of Three 

When you have chosen your dream tile, the next thing is to select another two complementary tiles. But make sure that you do not pick more than three tiles, or your bathroom might look messy and complicated. You can add a unique colour pattern or accent tiles according to the dream tile chosen by you. It will be tempted to add more tiles since there are loads of varieties in the market out there, but we would suggest you control your choices. 

The Rule of Three is not only applicable to time management and productivity, but also home décor trends. Three colours create a unique pattern and do not distract your eyes. 

  • Choose light colours 

When it comes to colours, remember that a bathroom is a place to relax and rewind. You do not want it to look vibrant or to distract your calm mood. So, always go for light colours. Though most people choose white these days, you can experiment a bit with lighter colours and its shades. A light-coloured bathroom theme is not only a trend these days, but it also rejuvenates and soothes your mind. 

We would also like to mention the popular home décor trend of choosing light colours for making the room look more spacious and airy. So, in case you have a small bathroom, a light-coloured theme will make it look large. 

  • Think about future maintenance 

Some great-looking tiles require high and regular maintenance which you might not be interested in. If you want a low maintenance profile for your bathroom, then choose porcelain or ceramic tiles. Don’t worry; these are available in varied colours and patterns, so your bathroom won’t look boring at all. 

  • Think about the slippage 

Bathrooms are slippery rooms, but it doesn’t mean you need to enhance this element to its maximum. Choosing glass tiles on floors or as accent tiles might look extremely elegant, but it will make the surface slippery and wet. Yes, that is highly distracting as well it will require heavy maintenance. So, prefer simple tiles to avoid the slippage factor. 

  • Remember to add additional grip

To overcome the slippery element, you can add a grip to your bathroom with anti-slip tiles right near the shower and the bathtub. It will immensely help, we promise. 

  • Examine the tiles when you receive the order

No one tells you this tip, but we will remind you to examine your order once it arrives. Also, check how the staff is fixing the tiles, whether the right one is in the right place or not. This tip might sound pretty elementary, but it will help in the long run. Fixing wrong tiles is a challenging job, and it is advisable not to accept bathroom-fixture challenges. 

  • Go for quality and not the quantity 

As we mentioned earlier about the Rule of Three, we would like to emphasize on the quality aspect. Instead of using multiple patterns or tiles, better stick to the three and the best quality ones. Bathroom tiling in Auckland goes well when you choose minimal yet attractive designs. 

In a nutshell, bathroom tiling is an important aspect but can be made more interesting with the above tips. 

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