How To Update Android Phone Safely

Most of us must be knowing that if you want the best features and performance from your android tablet and smartphone, you should always keep running the latest software available for your device. Not only in terms of the apps, but also the android operating system. Now the question arises that how to update android phone? New updates of operating system bring new and useful features. Like KitKat’s and Jelly Bean’s. KitKat has improved the smarter called ID and Google now. Jelly Bean’s has multiple user accounts technologies.

How To Update My Android Phone?

Android upgrades are basically available over the air and does not require any cables or desktop. They are dependent on the mobile operator and the manufacturers. It totally depends on the phone or tablet makers whether they want to release new updates for the operating system or not. If you have high-end mobile like HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3 you can expect that your mobile manufacturer will provide at least one update for your operating system. If you have a mobile of some unknown brand, you will find yourself get stuck into it for a long time. Now let’s talk about the update process step by step so that you will understand it in a better way.

Step 1:

Make sure you backup all your data for precautionary measures. Though upgrade will not affect your data, still nobody can take guarantee about it.

Step 2:

Go to the settings menu. In some android devices, it can be done via notification bar or app menu.

Step 3:

Click on the about phone option after scrolling down the settings menu. It will appear in the general section if you have tabbed settings.

Step 4:

The menu list may vary from device to device; make sure you click on the software button or a button similar to it. It will inform you, which version of android is running on your phone.

Step 5:

Your phone will search for the available update if you will select the software update check. If there will be an update available, you can install it by confirming the update. Reboot your phone after downloading the new upgrade. So, there are various devices in the market which promises and guarantees the latest android updates. Updating your phone is quite easy. If there will be an update, you will receive a notification on your phone. By clicking on it, you can update your phone. You can also check this option manually and upgrade your device.

KitKat 4.4:

Kit-Kat has turned more immersive and beautiful. It has more polished design now, new features and improved performance. Some of the features are:

Just Say Ok Google:

Now you do not have to even touch your screen to get the things done. On your home screen or on google now, just say, “Ok Google”. It will launch the voice search. Get directions, send a text and even play a song of your choice.

A Work Of Art:

Even when your phone is locked, you can see a full-screen album or even a movie art. You can do this even while listening to music or projecting move to chrome cast. According to your choice, you can pause, play or seek to a specific moment. 

Immerse Yourself:

It has an immersive mode, with the help of it, you can read a book, watch a movie and play the game at your own ease. This mode automatically hides everything else which is not important to you and shows that only what you really want to see. For that, you just have to swipe the edge of the screen so that the navigation buttons and the status bar will come back. 

Faster Multi-tasking: 

This android takes the performance of the system to a new level where you will get the elevated optimizing memory plus an improved version of your touchscreen. It will help your device to perform in the more accurate and faster way like never before. It means that now you can listen to music even while browsing the web. You can do multi-tasking without even a hitch.

Future Call:

This android has come up with a new phone app feature. It automatically prioritizes the contacts on your phone by making a priority list of people with whom you talk the most. In your google apps domain, you can also hunt some nearby businesses, places, and even the contacts or people.

Caller ID:

You do not have to worry now if you receive a call from an unknown number as you have a smarter version of caller ID in your phone. It searches for the matches in the local businesses on the google maps. It protects you from fake or unwanted calls.

Messages In The Same Place:

It does not matter how your friend is sending you a message, you will never miss even a single one now. With the help of hangouts app, you can keep all your SMS and MMS at the same place with your other conversations and video calls. You can also send animated GIFs and share locations on the hangouts.

Everywhere Emoji:

Sometimes words cannot show your emotions well. So, for that there is Emoji. They are colorful Japanese characters which are now available on the Google keyboard. 

Print It:

Now you will be able to print wherever and whenever you want. So, print documents, photos and web pages from the phone. If the printer is connected to the cloud print, to ePrint printers of HP or to some other printers that contain apps in google play store, you can print.

These were some of the features of the KitKat, which makes it user-friendly. 

Most of the people ask how to check whether the android device is up to date or not. So, it is important to check the version of your android before updating it. It can happen that you might be using the latest version. You just have to check if there is any notification available or not. If there is no notification, it means that your android is up to date. Now you know how to update your android phone? Though it is not that tough to keep your phone updated, make sure you do it to add new features to your phone.

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